Lies I Tell Myself About Summer Vacation

Summer 2010, the Slip ‘N Slide Edition

Originally posted July 2009 – Updated for this summer

It’s the last full week of school for my girls and I’ve already caught myself getting weepy more than once as they empty their backpacks of miscellaneous tokens from kindergarten and 3rd grade–photographs, locker name plates, artwork.

I’m looking forward to letting them sleep in and having less harried mornings. I’m looking forward to popsicles, catching fireflies, and even washing sunshine tinged with chlorine scented beach towels.

There are some things, however, I’m not looking forward to because summer also brings with it humidity and ginormous mosquitos with a side of “I’m bored” and “Are we there yet?”

Here are some of the lies I tell myself about summer vacation.

The lawn mullet look is so in for landscaping–business in the front and party in the back.

It’s OK if the girls stay up until 10 because they’ll sleep in the next day.

When the girls say “I’m bored” for the 800th time it’s just a testament to their determination.

The spider veins on my thighs are signs of a life well-lived.

Tankinis are sexy.

I totally look like that 29-year-old mom in the bikini if I suck in my stomach and don’t breathe!

Popsicles are acceptable before 11 a.m., but not before 9 a.m. unless they are fruit flavored.

The girls need one more pair of cute flip flops. And so do I.

The girls are getting all the summer enrichment they need from watching Sponge Bob and hanging out with my 77-year-old dad when he buys lottery tickets at the convenient mart.

Swatting mosquitos burns off all the margaritas I’ll be drinking.

White legs are in!

But the lie I tell myself that really hurts?

I don’t mind being a working mom in the summer.

The reality is I often daydream of being home with them all summer and having relatively lazy, unscheduled days. That is, until they start arguing. Then I’m kind of OK with the peace and solitude my office offers.

What lies are you telling yourself this summer?


  1. Tabor says:

    I think you have covered it all and I am sorry to tell you that things were exactly the same eons ago when I was a working mom!

  2. Jennifer says:

    And this is why I have a special savings account for daycamp. It runs 8am-3:30pm, every day is 10 minutes away and they play play play all day long while I get lots of work done!

  3. Jamie says:

    Tabor..I know some things never change!

    You wouldn’t believe how many camps and daycamps we have here in Nashville. It’s insane. There’s one at the Y near my office in early August which is just when they start to get bored so I may do that one. Luckily we have enough going on from Vacation Bible School to indoor soccer (I think…bites nails) to keep them occupied!

  4. Jamie says:

    That was really cute. Lots I do. The staying up till 10 o’clock definitely. And we are constantly buying flip flops. Because they are cute and because of necessity — the flip flop chewing dog. But staying home with the arguing is torture…let’s all enjoy the warm, longer days —

  5. Aurea says:

    I really really love summer, too! I was laughing out loud at what you said about sucking your stomach in. 😀 Anyway, having to spend some time with your kids is just priceless but sometimes, you just need some “me time” if the chaos is just everywhere whenever they are arguing or fighting. 😀

  6. Liz says:

    I can so relate! Alex finished school last week, but in my mind, BOTH of us are now on summer vacation. Being a working mom during the summer is just no fun!

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