The Summer Schedule Nazi

Being the neurotic keeper of the calendar mother that I am, I generally limit the girls to two extracurricular activities.

We’re currently committed to Girl Scouts and soccer, although Miss A’s season has officially ended. Miss C transitioned to travel team soccer this spring and when I tell people this they usually respond by saying, “REALLY? Wow…” followed by stunned silence with a glint of pity. I don’t know if they are truly concerned about my mental health but she ended up playing in just three tournaments this season and a couple of “friendlies” games and while she now has practice for twice weekly rather than once a week, honestly the time commitment hasn’t been too bad although I will be more than happy to take a break this summer.

Now is my last minute freak out time to start planning for summer, since, you know, school is out next week and we’re once again doing the dual working parent schedule shuffle. Thankfully I don’t work full time and can work from home some and hubby can take one week day off once again. The girls will also do two weeks of Vacation Bible School (aka Free Day Camp With Jesus) and we’re going on vacation one week. My older daughter, Miss C, will likely do a soccer camp in late summer but I haven’t signed Miss A up for anything.

This is probably because I am lazy so far Miss A has expressed interest in:

Violin Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Karate (excuse me, martial arts…per her clarification)




If all else fails and I completely slack off and don’t sign her up for anything this summer besides bring Daddy A Cold Beer From The Fridge 101 and Keep The Dripping Popsicles Off  The Carpet 102, she can always add Cicada Whisperer to her summer activities.

The next person who asks me if Miss A is a tomboy gets sent an autographed copy of this picture of her with the cicada she affectionatly dubbed, Fred the Dead Cicada


  1. Susan says:

    Free Day Camp with Jesus. Love it! No wonder I went to that every summer as a kid too. Happy scheduling! Be sure to schedule something for you too!

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