Cicada Love Pad Invasion 2011

Edited to add: My super smart husband says that the variety currently in Nashville is actually the 13-year cicada! But I think we are scheduled for both. Or something awesome like that.

They’re baaaaaack.

I stepped on to our front porch last weekend to encounter the familiar exoskeletal calling card of the 17-year cicada clinging to the house and trees. I remember working at Vanderbilt University in the late 1990s and the grounds crew having to clear the sidewalks of cicadas. It was like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The stench of hot cicadas baking in the summer sun is one I still recall. Shudder.

When I left my office for the afternoon yesterday I could hear their symphonic chirping. Apparently only the males make noise in a mating call to females and one single male is capable of registering noise over 100 decibels.

So basically we are surrounded by thousands of horny male bugs.


Some people cook them, some are inspired to make jewelry from them but all I can do is think about our being in the midst of a veritable plague of speed dating bugs.

p.s. I stumbled upon Nashville Anderson Design Group Studio’s hilarious commemorative 2011 cicada gift collection and lo and behold one of their designs features the same retro screaming lady I use as my blog Facebook page profile photo. I am obviously destined to spread the word about the Music City Cicada Invasion of 2011. Take cover! They also have hilarious guitar shaped cicada swatters.


  1. carrie says:

    omg, when I first moved to the South I was all like “what in the world is screaming at us all of the dang time?” you open the door and it’s like bugs gone wild!

  2. ernestine says:

    They have not arrived at Woodhaven.
    Interested to see what their noise will sound like
    at my new country surroundings.
    Mom will let you know when they arrive 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    It never occurred to me that these would reappear at different times in different places. They hit MD last in 2004, so we have another 10 years to go!

  4. Kaye says:

    I am with your mom – they haven’t arrived at our house yet. Not saying I am complaining about that.

  5. Amy says:

    Those little buggers are not in Coopertown…yet… I remember 13 years ago when they were all over in Springfield. My driveway was covered! YUCK!

  6. Kita says:

    I came across your blog post and just thought I’d let you know about my children’s book about cicadas, Cecily Cicada. I wrote it when my own daughter was little and the cicadas were about to invade D.C. She was terrified of bugs and I wanted to do something to make it more fun. Here is the link for the book on amazon:

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