1. Jennifer says:

    I like this song too. I took Baby Girl to see her in concert in February. While all of the music wasn’t great to me, my daughter and her friend LOVED it. What I like was that Selena was dressed appropriately for someone her age and while she danced around a little bit NONE of it was suggestive. It was very appropriate to take a six year old. I think it is great that some performers don’t feel the need to gyrate to sell their music.

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    I love it. I bet it would be a great show! She also has a line of clothes at Kmart for older girls, I believe.

  3. Andrew McKinley says:

    I’ve heard this song on the radio several times, but never knew who sang it. Its one of those that just gets stuck in your head (but only one line will get stuck and then you’re annoyed you can’t remember the rest) lol

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