Who Says Girls Don’t Like To Get Muddy?

I thought I’d share a few pictures from our fun afternoon last Saturday spent with our friends at Shimai Pottery and Gifts at the Loveless Cafe shops. The girls loved making pottery with Ms. Becca and helping Ms. Michele. All donations went to the Mashiko Pottery Foundation and Japanese potters whose studios were destroyed in the recent earthquake.

Shimai will have another pottery wheel set up at the Biscuits and Bluegrass Festival at the Loveless this October and I am not missing it this year! Last year I was traveling but the girls just loved it. I may even have to try my hand at making pottery. I will not, however, be pickin’ any bluegrass. I will leave that to the professionals. That would be too painful for all of us, although I do a pretty good wild turkey call, if you must know.

We also saw country music Leroy Parnell at the liquor store, I mean bottle store where mommy buys wine and the girls get suckers, this week and the CFO at my company brought in Moon Pies as a special treat when we had some guests in from NYC.

Just another week in Nashville ya’ll!


  1. ninajoleisa says:

    That looks like a really fun activity.. I’m not artsy or have crafty hands by any means, but I would love to try something like pottery. And for a great cause too! The Japanese pottery art has produced some really wonderful pieces.

  2. Janice Cooper says:

    Wow that looks like fun! Brings back memories when I was a kid. I loved getting dirty. My mom always called me a tom boy (lol)!

  3. Michele Lambert says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Becca and I love your family!
    Shimai has another fun event coming up in June…An opening Reception for Kimiko Sakai and Mary Sue Kern, two great local artists who show their work with us.

    June 18, 4-7p.m.
    Live music by Joni Bishop

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