I Am The Wind Beneath Their Wings, Most Of The Time

Before I headed to Seattle earlier this month I had the entire weekend planned out for the hubby and girls. It feels like I need to take a day off just to prepare to take off a few days for the weekend.

Can I get an Amen?

I had everything worked out down to arranging for my inlaws to help with Miss A last Saturday as both the girls had soccer games but not in the same county. Miss C is playing on a travel team this spring and this made the weekend more complicated than usual. Now my husband is a more than competent solo daddy but I don’t ever want my going out of town to be a major pain in the rear because MOMMY LIKES TO TRAVEL. Anything to make my going out of town easy is a positive in my book. It’s a win/win for everyone.


I was all set mentally to be home late Saturday night but then I was unexpectedly delayed with four of my blogger friends from Nashville in Denver until Sunday night. The mama guilt began to set heavily on my mind because I knew the girls were excited to see me when they woke up Sunday morning. Miss A at one point told me on the phone Sunday night, “Mommy, don’t EVER go out of town for four nights again.”

Despite all this I know the girls had a great time while I was away.

I have photographic evidence.


Clearly the girls were in despair…

Deep in despair! Beyond sad! Unable to function without me!

The realization that my going out of town occasionally is not a bad thing was also evident when the hubby informed me of his method for getting the girls to help put the laundry away.

He used this innovative technique called the quarter.

That’s right. All this time I’ve been letting the laundry pile up and I just needed to get a roll of quarters.

Damn he’s a keeper.

p.s. As I finished writing this yesterday, hubby came home from the walk-in clinic diagnosed with an ear infection, a sinus infection, and a fever. Even super dad needs a break.

Stop by Monday some time after noon CST as I am posting a super awesome reader opportunity. One of you will get to join me next month courtesy of GE’s Monogram line of appliances on a 2-night, 3-day getaway!


  1. Amanda says:

    jamie,I was just in the hospital for 4 days. My kids cried every night on the phone to me. I could not wait to get home. I felt so guilty for having pneumonia. I knew the whole time my husband had it under control.

    So I came to this conclusion on the day of my discharge. Sometimes I just have to let go and let my husband do it. He is qualified enough,that is why I married him,well one of the reasons.

    Jamie,go away sometimes and enjoy yourself!!!! The kids will be fine in the end. You work hard and deserve to go away.

    Now if I could only get away for fun, not sickness!!!
    Forgive me if what I am writing is off topic! I still am not feeling well!!

  2. Kaye says:

    Like you, I am blessed with a great husband and family. So glad you had a little time away – and glad you made it back safe and sound. Looking forward to your big announcement on Monday.

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