Baby You Can Drive My Car, Not That You’d Want To Be Caught Dead In It

I remember a time, pre-kids, when I’d spend considerable effort making my car showroom worthy, breaking out the Armor All, vacuuming, and sometimes even going a little crazy and splurging on new car scent air freshener.

These days, unfortunately, my car is a utilitarian beast that takes a licking and keeps on driving. I’m just doing good to not run out of gas. Detail my car? Pshaw! I need to shave my legs people. The last thing I am worried about is the condition of my car’s interior. Until last week.

Last weekend while I was out of town the hubby drove my SUV. I have a four-door and he has a two-door, so mine is a bit roomier which is nice for driving the girls and all their gear around.

Normally I wouldn’t necessarily clean out my car for him, but it dawned on me that he’d be driving me and a blogger friend to the airport and suddenly I saw my car in the harsh cruel light of reality. It was like trying on Spanx in January in front of a full-length mirror.

When did the interior of my car become like the bottom of my purse? A crumb-filled knapsack on wheels filled with everything from rolling soccer balls to unclaimed socks and various and sundry trash items that a crafty MacGyver type could fashion into a funky Mother’s Day corsage. I knew my friend wouldn’t care about the condition of my car since she’s a mom but let’s face it, my car was overdue for a spring cleaning.

The night before my trip I had a million errands to run and I did the last minute tango of desperation at the local car wash with the super suction vacuum. I tossed all loose items in the back and then proceeded to vacuum up gnawed on sucker sticks, wrappers, and some brown unidentifiable dried substance melted on to the back seat cushion that was once Raisinettes.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself it was.


  1. Cassandra Gardner says:

    I’m glad to hear that there is another woman in the world that can’t keep a clean car! I once dated a man who told me that you can tell the cleanliness of woman’s home by the state of her car, and that is not true! I am clean in every aspect but my car and my garage! I just can’t seem to keep either of those spaces clean!

  2. Michelle Smiles says:

    Much like you, with mommyhood (and the selling of my cute little red convertible, my car became rather neglected. Only when my MIL visits do I see it as others must and get embarrassed. But about 6 weeks ago, I got a new (to me) car. I lurve it. Imagine my surprise when yesterday I took it through the car wash and gave it a quick vacuum and it barely even needed it. Also color me surprised that it only took a few minutes since I didn’t need a shovel and a garbage bag. Huh.

  3. Roddy Jones says:

    Too funny. I washed my car yesterday along with my 3 girls. I was so proud of myself when my husband got in from work. When he got in for us all to ride to church last night he said “Dear, you didn’t clean the inside.” I busted out laughing thinking “are you serious?” LOL I remember the days of cleaning my car for hours and having the tires shine, but kids just mess it up minutes later and then I’m ticked so why even bother. 😉

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