You Say E-Mail, I Say Awww

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Cleaning out archived e-mails at work recently I found one dated fall 2004 that I sent to my co-workers about the joy of finding out at my 20-week ultrasound that we were having another baby girl! More pink and more estrogen for us! I remember coming into my office that day so excited to sit down and share the news. To this day I can’t bring myself to delete it and I smile every time I see the “It’s a…” subject line.

Back in the pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, pre-blog days when I was pregnant e-mail was my primary way to send out mama’s knocked-up updates to friends and family. These e-mail updates became a virtual baby newsletter of sorts, documenting everything from my girls’ first steps to their first day of kindergarten.

Here are some fun excerpts from e-mails I sent to my family in fall 2007 when my older daughter started school:

She said to me at drop off this morning, and I quote…”Mommy, when are you going to leave?”

Tomorrow is another half day and then she starts full days Wednesdays. She has already told me she wants to take her lunch. She insisted on taking her pink Disney Princess backpack today…Such a big girl!

I need to print all these old e-mails and document these sweet memories into a book. Although they are electronic letters, they are letters nonetheless, chronicling life’s sweet moments, milestones, and memories.

Two of my sisters live out of state, my big brother is in Thailand for most of this year, and my two nieces live in New York City so e-mail continues to be a way for my family to stay in touch, share those cute vacation photos, and announce big news.

Just no more news of the cute baby announcement variety for us, although we may add a new family member this summer–a new dog!

How do you stay connected to your friends and family via e-mail?


  1. CharmedValerie says:

    Awww! Most of my family isn’t into social media so we keep connected via email as well. I used to send out weekly pregnancy updates, then weekly baby updates, and now I email pictures almost as often as I take them and I love it.

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