Mummy To The Rescue

One recent rainy Saturday I found myself wowing my girls with my impressive Patrick (a la SpongeBob Squarepants) impersonation skills.

I knew then it was time for a cultural intervention as it’s a slippery slope to armpit farting, which, unfortunately the 8-year-old has already been exposed to.

We headed down to the Tennessee State Museum on Deaderick in downtown Nashville for the new Egyptian Relics exhibit. Both my girls are fascinated with Egyptian culture, mummies especially, and admission is always free to the Tennessee State Museum so it was a win/win on several get thee behind me TV brain levels.

Now I’m just wondering what else I need to do be Mummy of the Year so I can get a gold throne like this.

Check out my latest Traveling Mom post as the Nashville Travel Mom, where I give the full mummy low-down on this amazing new exhibit.

Have you taken your kids to a museum in your city lately?

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