Social Media Free Sundays

Last week I shared a couple of pictures from our unplugged Sunday and this past weekend I continued my quest to remain social media free on Sundays even though the weather was dismal and the temptation to turn on the computer was high come Sunday afternoon.

The Twitter finger…it was twitchy.

I logged off of both Twitter and Facebook late Saturday until this morning and on Saturday during the day we were busy with (way too early) morning soccer for Miss A and a Girl Scouts outing so there wasn’t a whole lotta Tweetin’ goin’ on.

For the most part I left my laptop virtually untouched all weekend and barely glanced at email on my phone. I even left my Droid at home yesterday while we enjoyed a nice family brunch at The Loveless Cafe here in Nashville. I cleaned out Miss A’s closet and toy bins, which was a task so long overdue I was afraid of what I might find. (If you need inspiration, check out my friend Amy Allen Clark’s 30 Day Cut the Clutter Challenge…I’ve already donated a large free standing toy kitchen to my sister-in-law’s school and cleaned out my closet!)

My monthly post is up at the Zulily blog and it’s all about taking down time from screen time. I’d love for you to read it and comment about your rules for unplugging! When you’re a blogger it’s easy to forget that the world marches on outside of social media, and, gasp, at times is better off unplugged.

Let me know if you’re up for Social Media Free Sundays this spring, too.


  1. amy2boys says:

    I think I don’t count. I’m pretty much social media free all the time now, except for reading blogs. I’m trying to START social media again, not stop it! (But I can totally skip Sunday.)

  2. Kelly says:

    Love this idea! I usually am mostly social media free on the weekends now. I’ve set it up so I have time to work during the week and weekends are for family fun, errands, cleaning and house projects. Makes me much more sane. I’ll still check in on Sunday, but this is tempting me to stop.

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