Tomboy Versus Girly Girl

Lately my girls are on an anti girly girl kick and embracing their tomboy power, from skinned up knees to soccer.

When I came home from Orlando last month the hubby and girls picked me up and the girls greeted me dressed like total tomboys in jeans and boots. Miss A took it to a new level, though, by wearing a second hand tan plaid boys’ shirt that I bought for her werewolf costume at Halloween and jeans with the knees torn out from a playground incident that I have since donated. To the trash can.

I have to admit it freaked me out a bit. I mean I am all for girl power but Miss A, especially, looked like an urchin.

Now while I’m glad my girls aren’t super prissy, I love to shop for them and watch them twirl in new dresses.

The girls have determined that I am medium girly girl and I’d have to agree. I get a professional pedicure about once a year and I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirts kind of mom. Still, though, I do love retail therapy and getting my hair highlighted. But I’m no tomboy, either. I don’t like camping, running is something I’d rather not do unless I have to, and I would rather spa it up and sip margaritas than fish and hike.

Last night both girls had soccer practice and came home sweaty and tired. After bathtime Miss C crawled into bed with her new Justice catalog which she has flipped through repeatedly and told me she wanted to get up early today so she’d have time to fix her hair for school.

I have to admit that my inner medium girly girl was tickled pink.

So, tell me. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy or medium girly girl like me?


  1. Jennifer says:

    I would say I’m medium to high girly girl, and I gave birth to a 100% girly girl. Like picture southern belle with the hand to the forehead and the “I just can’t take this heat” in your best Southern drawl.

  2. Amy says:

    Medium girly girl. With all these boys around, I can’t be too high maintenance! I can kill a wasp or a bug with the best of them, but dead critters in the yard, I scream for the boys!

  3. Susan says:

    I’m a medium girly girl. I recently discovered pedicures and have to say I’m sorry I missed out all these years! But I grew up on a farm, so I was a tomboy big time. Give me some coveralls and I’ll help with the grease gun!

  4. lifeinapinkfibro says:

    I’d opt for medium, with a side helping of tomboy. I really don’t do the pink and prissy at all. And I have no issue with girls in jeans, boots and plaid shirts – they move a lot faster in those than in those ridiculous heels that are fashionable now. I think it’s a good thing I have boys.

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