Dancing With Myself

I don’t know if Spring Break fever has gone to my head or it’s all the exhaust fumes from chauffeuring my girls all over the place the past four days but I think I’m losing it.

Spring break staycation when you are a working parent has that same frenetic appeal of Christmas break. Even if you’re not going out of town you feel the need to DO SOMETHING. There’s also the quandary of what the heck to do with the children while you try to have a normal work schedule. My girls have spent two nights with their grandparents and I even scored a VIP pass to Chuck Cheese for a party celebrating the launch of their new pizza recipe. What can I say? We are HIGH ROLLERS.

This afternoon while I’m attempting to get some work done, Miss C is playing at a friend’s house while Miss A plays like an urchin child on our front porch with our salt and pepper shaker, a super soaker water gun, and a water pitcher. At this point in the last hours of spring break I’m OK with her digging a trench in the front yard so long as I can get a little work done.

Any way, it wouldn’t be family spring break if I didn’t embarrass my kids at least once.

I stopped to get gas yesterday for what seemed like the 100th time in a month and maybe the high price of filling up my SUV has finally gotten to me because I started dancing to the Shell station soundtrack blaring overhead. I was trying to make the girls laugh. I was doing a little booty shaking right there while I pumped gas.

Unfortunately an older silver-haired gentleman in a pick up truck parked around the corner saw me and shouted, “All RIGHT! Do that again!”

I’m pretty sure getting hit on at the corner gas station by someone old enough to be my father is an all time low for spring break gone wild.

Remind me when does school start again?

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  1. J. Aday Kennedy says:

    I remember making fun of my mom dancing, Sooooooooooooo uncool.
    My sister and I are dancing to some ZZ Top. (old people’s music – What? When did I get old?). My niece and her friends walk in the room and die laughing. I never thought I’d be uncool like my mom, but I guess that’s what I get for thinking!
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
    Children’s Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta’s Gargantuan Wings

  2. Jamie says:

    I so get feeling like you have to do something when the kids are on spring…and lots of trenches, holes and riverbeds have been dug in the back yard while I was working. If they are quiet, safe and getting fresh — so be it. Good luck getting work done tomorrow.

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