Future Flash Mobbers Of America

My girls are both doing Girl Scouts this year. While this seemed like an excellent decision months ago, come Girl Scouts cookie sales time I found myself at one point walking with my girls in our neighborhood while it was flurrying snow, cursing under my breath and checking everyone for frost bite.

I may or may not have post-traumatic Thin Mints syndrome.

The annual winter Father Daughter Dance, however, was a breath of fresh air after our big sales push. Translation? I went to the movies with my sister and enjoyed a few Girl Scouts free weekend hours. The theme was a hoedown and my girls were both very excited.

Apparently my younger daughter, Miss A, took to the dance floor like Charlie Sheen to Twitter.

I don’t know WHERE she gets her fierce dance moves.



  1. Jamie says:

    I can totally see the yoga and thanks uncommonblonde. It was only a matter of time before I was able to weave in a Charlie Sheen reference on my blog! LOL 😉

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