Coming Down From Mount Mickey

I’m slowly coming down from Mount Mickey and catching up at work and at home. My girls were fine without me and there was much dining out on the town while I was gone as evidenced by the Happy Meal carnage in the trash.

I do love me some hotel toiletries and if you’ve ever been to Disney World you know that everything features the familiar silhouette of the iconic mouse himself, from the shower curtain design in my bathroom to the carpeting in the hallway to the butter at the breakfast buffet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the animals in the Savannah surrounding the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge poop in little neat Mickey Mouse shapes.

Normally I bring all the toiletries from my hotel room home when I travel and if you saw my collection you might submit me to a new reality TV show about hotel toiletry hoarders. This time, however, I left all the cute little bottles of shampoo and conditioner and lotion behind, except for one lone bar of soap. I really couldn’t bring home the rest of the items or the girls would suspect that I was not just in Florida for a bloggers’ event, but that I had stepped foot into the magic realm of Mickey himself!

I knew Disney World was an amazing place the night I arrived as  I watched the magical nightly fireworks show from the roof of the Contemporary Resort just after sunset. Watching Cinderella’s Castle light up in different colors and hearing the classic Disney music soundtrack made me tear up. A Disney Imagineer spoke to our group the next day and we met several members of the Disney official Moms Panel, along with the social media team from Disney.

I was able to see Epcot (I also literally nearly ran with Deb from Mom of 3 Girls for the chance to ride Soarin’ before we had to head back to the hotel and airport) and Hollywood Studios during a fun scavenger hunt with the Traveling Mom mamas (thank you to my new friend Vanessa from Chefdruck Musings for riding the kiddie rides with me) but never was able to check out the Magic Kingdom, so I really have incentive to return with my family. And yes I debated staying over an extra night Saturday after the Traveling Mom retreat had ended because I had no idea that Disney, who sponsored our retreat, would be providing us with full park passes, but decided to come home since my flight home was already booked. Let me tell you, it was tough to leave beautiful 80 degree weather and the amazing pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Check out my photos from Disney World.I know I will whenever I need a little Mickey magic in my life.

Have you been to Disney with your kids? What do you think is the ideal age to visit Disney World? I’m hoping we can head down before my older daughter turns 10!

p.s. I’ll be writing more about traveling to Disney World from a Nashville mom’s perspective at Disney sponsored our trip and provided accommodations, meals and park passes. I paid for my airfare.


  1. Beth says:

    We’ve been like 3 gajillion times so I feel I’m an expert. 🙂

    You can bring a kid at pretty much any age, but I highly recommend waiting until they’re 48 inches high so as to be able to ride all the stuff. Otherwise one parent has to sit out while the other one goes and then you get to switch. And it’s much more fun to go with the whole family.

    I also don’t recommend taking children that still need a daily nap. You want your kid to have some staying power.

  2. justine says:

    Yes, all the Mickey themed toiletries were cute. My faves were the mouse washcloth and the towels shaped into mouse ears.

  3. MargieK says:

    You mean you couldn’t hide the Mickey toiletries and save them for their Christmas stockings? Or Easter baskets? Or as some kind of other “prize” for a job well-done, to be given out later? Couldn’t you “fudge” the truth by telling them that you got them as an “award” via blogging? Gee, bloggers (and businesses) are always giving away free stuff!

    I think your girls are probably already old enough for Disneyland — but the suggestion to make sure they’re tall enough to ride all the rides is a good one. Mine would be old enough not to need a nap and old enough to walk several miles without whining or asking to be carried — and I think you’re already there. If they’re both active in soccer or some other vigorous sport, great. If not (or if several weeks elapse between the end of their sports season and your trip), it might be a good idea to get out for regular walks.

    I don’t think there really is an ideal age… Many adults go there for their honeymoon (yes, really!) They do a pretty good job of having something for everyone, even teenagers!

  4. Jamie says:

    Thanks ya’ll for the insight. Margie I do know a lot of couples who honeymooned at Disney and you are right…it’s great for any age. I do like Beth’s advice about the height requirement although I’m kind of an admitted wimp and love the kiddy rides! 😉

  5. Saelen says:

    We went with our three kids two summers ago. They were 4, 6, and 8. I thought it was perfect for my two older ones. They could appreciate the rides a bit more. But my youngest, and only girl, loved the houses and characters a lot. So as they say in teen land, “It was all good.”

    One tip: Get a stroller no matter how old your kids are. My wife said we should get one and I poo-poohed it. Another one of my many mistakes. By the end of our first day at Animal Kingdom I was carrying two kids. Then I needed a stroller.

  6. Heidi says:

    we went in oct.2009. we chose to take an 8 mo. old, 3.5 yr old and 6 yr old. we had a blast and are dying to go back. Stayed at old key west and came back every afternoon for a nap before heading back for dinner or fireworks or parade. We mailed all of our supples (diapers, baby stuff, even breakfast bars and capri suns) to the hotel before we arrived. Easier to go in the off-season (if you can get away with kids missing school). More likely to get deals like free dining, etc. We also booked all of our lunch and dinner reservations beforehand (several months before).

  7. Danielle S says:

    The best age is when they still believe that the princesses (or mickey) are real! (Like pre-school-2nd)
    Hmmm, maybe not until 2nd grade because it’s easier when they’re still in a stroller with those crowds.
    I have SO many Disney moments with the characters and the kids talking for YEARS how they kissed mickey or Prince Charming and Cinderella waved at them since they were wearing the same princess dress.
    STILL tearing up over it (me, not them ^^)

  8. Jamie says:

    First so sorry for your loss. Pets truly become one of the family. I would echo the height requirements. You can have fun there at any age — but having children who meet the 40” requirement helps a lot. Esp. if some kids can ride and some kids can’t — been there and done that. take care.

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