Sisterhood Of The Traveling Hormones

Just when you think your 8 1/2 year old is too big or too cool for bedtime snuggling or sweet stories she picks this book out for you to read.

Holy hormones ya’ll.

I had to stop twice toward the end, pull myself together, and continue reading through my tears, all while the girls  giggled uncontrollably.

This part killed me…

I dream about how she gave me my start. I love my mommy with all of my heart.

It didn’t help that I knew I’d be leaving today for Orlando…Disney World to be exact (shhhhhhhh the girls know I’m headed to Florida but not the specifics) for the first ever Traveling Mom writers’ retreat. It will be 48 hours of learning about social media and freelance travel writing and, of course, getting my Mickey Mouse on for the first time in my life.

Yes I’m 41 and I’m a Disney World virgin.

I’m just a WEE BIT excited. (Squeeeeee! Hear me scream from the Animal Kingdom Lodge! Or that may just be tourists screaming at my white girl legs…I’ll never tell! I forgot to buy self-tanner!)

Thankfully the girls will be busy with school and roller skating tomorrow afternoon and then hawking Girl Scout cookies tomorrow night at a Father/Daughter cookie booth and will barely have time to start missing me by the time I return Saturday night. Hell it’s a veritable Daddypalooza while I’m away. I’ve traveled a lot in the past year and they enjoy spending one-on-one time with the hubby and for this I am grateful. They’re at the age where I can travel solo relatively guilt free, and I’m never gone for more than a couple of nights.

I do know one thing, though. While I’m at Disney World I’m doing a lot of research for a family vacation in the near future.

After all, my girls think I hung the moon.

And I think they did, too.

If you want to follow along with me and the rest of the Traveling Mom group at Disney, the hash tag on Twitter is #TMOMDisney.

Disclosure: Amazon link used for book mention. It’s a keeper. I promise.


  1. EG says:

    Wow I can’t believe you’ve never been to Disney! I bet you’ll be planning a family trip there in no time flat. Your girls are at a great age for it.

  2. Jamie says:

    I know…I promise I’m not an alien or anything.

    I’d love to go to Disney World next spring break!

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