Baby You’re A Firework

I’ve always believed in encouraging my girls to let their uniqueness shine through, even if that means letting my 5-year-old attend a party dressed like a flapper girl slash Goth fairy.

Miss A received the sweetest invitation to attendΒ a winter fairy theme party at the home of one of her classmates recently. I knew the party would be brimming with pastel tulle and sparkles and everything else sugar and spice that makes little girl dress up parties so precious. And I was right. Every little girl was dressed like something straight out of a Disney Princess movie. Except for one little girl.

“Miss A, why don’t you wear that Tinkerbelle costume in the dress up basket?” I suggested nonchalantly as the morning of the party finally arrived as she has been known to put together “creative” costumes.

“Mmmm no. I know what I want to wear!”

Miss A ran downstairs and when she returned a few minutes later she was triumphantly waving a fire engine red flapper girl dress, with fringe no less.

“Now that’s not really a fairy costume,” I told her, not wanting to quell her excitement, but also trying to gently veer her back into fairy world.

“I know!” she replied cheerfully. Clearly she was feeling inspired to go another route with the whole fairy thing.

I helped her pick out black sparkle leggings to go with her dress which matched the black midnight fairy wings that my older daughter wore Halloween.

The finishing touch? Cowgirl boots.

This girl was INSPIRED.

I asked her what type of fairy she was, thinking she might say a Valentine’s Day fairy, what with the whole red dress thing.

“I’m a HOT LAVA fairy!”

Indeed you are, girl. Indeed you are.


  1. ernestine says:

    Grandma is so proud of her – so many little ones are bashful and not confident.
    She is not bashful and very confident – If I was looking in a crystal ball – I see so much in her future that makes me smile. Hope I am around to see some of this unfold.

  2. Kaye says:

    Oh, I can only imagine how cute she was, I love those who march to the beat of their own drums. I am sure she was a big hit at the party.

  3. The Petite Young Blonde says:

    My daughters are older, 22 and 17, and as they were growing up individuality was definitely encouraged! My 17 year old is a goalkeeper in soccer and is currently playing in college showcase tournaments. Last year when writing to college coaches to invite them to see her play she was able to say, “I’m the keeper with the blue hair.” Today she has the cutest pixie cut I’ve ever seen. I love my girls who are growing up confident in themselves and loving their own skin.

    Great story, Blonde Mom! Thanks for sharing it!

    The PYB

  4. Shannon W. says:

    Love,Love, Love! My daughter was the only girl pirate at a Pirates and Princesses party this summer. She loved the pirate costume we put together and did not even think about going as a princess.

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