Closet Confessional

Despite engaging in full on wardrobe purging over the past year I’m still amazed, frankly, at what I hang on to.

Forgive me Stacy and Clinton, for I have sinned.

For example, there are these colorful pants that could be mistaken for something my 5-year-old would wear but since she’s going through a tomboy phase not even she would wear them. They’re Lilly Pulitzer brand and I bought them at a consignment store. Southern women and Lilly Pulitzer kind of go together like sweet tea and biscuits, however I wore these once three years ago on vacation in Florida, I don’t play golf, and I don’t really want honey bees trying to pollinate my britches.

I call these What Happens In Florida, Should Really Stay There.

And then there’s this very warm purple boiled wool jacket that I haven’t worn in several years which I call That One Time Grimace Mated With A Sheep.

I’m also parting with this Jones New York plaid suit which I call Please Give Me A Job.

Another candidate for the Goodwill donation bag is this purse known as The Peacock Has Landed, On My Shoulder.

What do you have lurking in your closet? How often do you clean out? I usually clean my closet out with every season change.

p.s. I have a fun Fashion Friday post on my review and shopping blog. I hope you’ll check it out! I hung out with several of the Fashion Tribe bloggers during Blissdom and took them shopping and to a fun restaurant in beautiful downtown Franklin, Tennessee, (post to come) and I got inspired to actually think about fashion beyond jeans and a t-shirt, my wardrobe staples!


  1. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh! I NEVER get rid of clothes…unless they are worn ragged! I should really go through my closet…I am sure I have some hideous stuff in there!

  2. EG says:

    Good golly, that blazer SCREAMS “Please give me a job!”

    And I really can’t believe those aren’t pajama pants. I really thought, “But who cares what your pajama pants look like?” when I saw the photo.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Oh no…they’re regular cotton pants. (Cringe.)

    I wore them in Florida with a hot pink t-shirt and sandals.

  4. uncommonblonde says:

    Haha, I love Lilly and I live in Florida but you’re right – those pants are only meant for special situations. I think a lot of Lilly pants fall into that category, or into the “don’t wear unless you want to amplify your ass-ets by pasting hot pink elephants on it” category. Love this topic for a blog post, I might have to join the fun!

  5. Carrie at TikiTikiBlog! says:

    Oh my, you are so brave to post those! I could probably one-up you, but some of my stuff is so old, a 20-year-old would find them cool!
    I too am purging and what a sad and long process it is. It does provide laughs, though, obviously.

  6. Jennifer L says:

    Bless me, Blonde Mom, for I have sinned. I own the wrap skirt that nearly matches those pink-patterned pants. It would only fit me if I were two sizes smaller, given that I owned it when I was almost ten years younger and lived in San Diego. Yet I still own it. Please absolve me of this sin.

  7. Amy says:

    Grimace and a sheep…..HA!! You know way back in the 80’s we would have SO had a matching pair of those pants. 🙂
    I purge at least once a year. There are a couple of things in mine I haven’t parted with but I will never wear again. Like the plaid blazer my grandmother gave me…wait, I wore that for my 80’s Halloween costume!

  8. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking says:

    I do the same thing each year. If I haven’t worn something in a year I just figure I am not going to and I would rather Bless someone else with them that I know would enjoy wearing them.These are some cute items so I know that someone else will really like wearing them!

  9. trishden says:

    Well aren’t you the organized one. I try to clean my closets out, but sometimes instead of sending to good will, I stick it up in the attic thinking I will fit into it someday. My husband on the other hand won’t let go of anything even if he hasn’t worn it in 5 years…..Men. I would take that purple boiled wool jacket and make a messenger bag out of it, it would be perfect, especially since it already has a lining.

  10. Barb says:

    Oh my.. so I am not the only one with an embarrassing assortment of things I stubbornly held onto for far too long! I am currently going through a major purge and replenish.. its taking forever, but I am almost done! I’m at the age where everything seems either too young or too old for me.. but I’m being very careful about my purchases now. I have to say, this is quite stressful, I tend to hoard my clothing, so it is taking a bit longer than it probably should! At times it feels painful, lol, and at others so wonderful.. ugh. Well, I’m going to stay on top of my wardrobe from now on so I don’t have to go through this agony again!!

  11. Alisha Ross says:

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