Iron Man

With both my girls in Girl Scouts this year I fully expected to be part of the cookie mafia. Oh yes, I’m a Thin Mint dealer. I can tell you how much any random number of cookie boxes costs. Go ahead and ask. I’m like the Rain Man of Girl Scout cookies.

One thing I didn’t expect with Girl Scouts was getting reacquainted with my iron–a household tool that’s as rare a relic as my college party mix cassette tapes.

The first time I brought home patches to iron on Miss A’s Daisy vest I started sweating. Could I DO it? I had asked at the meeting how difficult a level of domesticity this required and two veteran Girl Scout moms immediately chimed in that their husbands did all the patch ironing at their house. Alrighty then.

Even though I rarely iron, I am fully capable of ironing. I’m a big believer, though, in the slacker method of wrinkle removal: toss a damp wash cloth in with a cotton shirt in the dryer and voila! No wrinkles! I rarely buy any article of clothing that requires actual ironing. My husband does have a few button down logo work shirts but I shove them in the back of his closet, praying that he’ll never notice they’re missing.

Determined to be a top notch Girl Scouts mom and not ask my husband for assistance, I dug the iron out of the depths of our utility room, dusted it off, and plugged it in.

The girls came bolting downstairs to play and I warned them, “Don’t get near the ironing board! This iron is very hot and could burn you!”

They looked at the iron and looked at me and the first thing Miss A, my 5-year-old, said was, “What is THAT?”

I ended up caving after starting to iron on one patch and asking my husband to finish the patches.

After all, he was a Boy Scout.


  1. EG says:

    I guess Girl Scouts don’t go door-to-door anymore, huh? And I work from home, so I can’t buy from coworkers. Guess I have to hope to stumble upon some Scouts at the grocery store!

  2. Kaye says:

    How funny. Glad my daughter and son were never in scouts. Now about that iron, it is time to get it out and show it to the 8 year old. Let her use it with some great supervision. She needs to understand if she wants that cute little 100% cotton top – she will need to iron it. That worked at our house for a while. Both kids are great about ironing their own stuff now.

    Also, buy a steamer! Best thing ever! Found mine at Goodwill.

  3. Angela says:

    My daughter was in Daisies last year. I started with ironing and I don’t think my kids knew what that contraption was either. The patches didn’t stay so I sewed them on. It is the sloppiest sewing you’ll ever see if you look from the inside. The patch looks good and I think that’s the most important thing. lol Not in Girl Scouts again this year because the leader is crazy. sucks that we aren’t a part of it again because of her but I didn’t want to subject my daughter to her again.

  4. lifeinapinkfibro says:

    LOL! I LOVE that they didn’t recognise the iron. But I’m jealous about the Girl Scout cookie thing – I’ve been reading about them in books for years (Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Encyclopedia Brown etc) and never, ever tasted one. Tell me – are they good?

  5. Angela says:

    @Betty, it was harder than I thought it would be with relatives. They acted like I was trying to sell them some bad business or something. Those cookies are DELICIOUS!!! They should be grateful they know someone that sells them. lol

  6. Marie Collins says:

    Love it! Girl Scout cookie selling is such the industry. It’s too bad the patches don’t peel and stick.

  7. Geri S says:

    I hate ironing and avoid at like the plaque, THANK God I had boys and didn’t have to iron for them. But, I remember being in Girl Scouts and getting my badges.

  8. heather c says:

    I haven’t ironed in ages. Every once in a while, I’ll wake up early enough to see my husband ironing his pants and say exactly the same thing Miss A said.

  9. Katie says:

    Aww, I used to be Brownie and then a Girl Scout. My mom still has pics of me in the full out brown attire w/ the brown knee socks, brown sash, brown dress, brown hair bow, and brown little beanie hat. God, I still cringe whenever I look at that pic and to this day I am weary of wearing too much brown at once. Please don’t make the girls wear the beanie hat — I’m telling you, it will scar them for life! lol

    Good luck w/ the patch ironing — I hate ironing too so I really feel your pain. 🙂

  10. Juliann says:

    Your post made me laugh. I was the Cookie Mom for our whole troop, which was hard work. But not as hard as ironing on the patches. All of my daughter’s and son’s patches eventually fell off. You’d never know they’d done anything. That was a few years ago. I’m secretly glad those days are over.

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