Channeling My Inner Meemaw

Looking through Blissdom photos on Flickr (oh hush you know you look for your photos from events, too) this week I noticed there were zero of me from the official evening parties and then it dawned on me…

I was in bed by 9:30 Thursday night. Just ask my awesome roommate Kelly.

I did go to a lovely dinner Friday with a fantastic group of ladies thanks to Therapon beauty. But even then I ended up going to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel. I think all the extra oxygen being piped into Opryland Hotel got to my brain because I was wiped. Or maybe it was all the walking. Or maybe it was all the flashmob preparation.

Michelle Branch put on an incredible performance Thursday night and I did muster up the energy to hang out for that after a couple of crazy pink mystery cocktails with a squid-like looking creature floating around in the bottom of the glass but by 9:30 it was just me in my pjs in my hotel bed with Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

My grandma always did love a good celebrity gossip magazine.

All that was missing was her crystal dish of candy (usually filled with orange candy wedges) and a diet Pepsi.

Oh lookie, photographic evidence that I can stay up past 9! Just some of the bloggers who attended the fun dinner Friday. (L-R) Jill from The Diaper Diaries, Dawn Jacobs Camp from My Home Sweet Home, Robin from Pensieve (Tennessee girl…hollah!), Jo-Lynne Shane from the newly launched and awesome All Things Chic, me, Romy from Romy Raves, Shelly from Life on the Wild Side. Bottom row (L-R) Tori from Baby Bloomr, Christina from Therapon, and an awesome lady whose name I do not know (please let me know if ya’ll do!)

Shelly and Nashville bloggers Tobi from Dr. Baby Mama Drama, Tori, and me.

Loralee from Looneytunes and me. She made my evening with a sweet comment. The feeling is mutual. Also? She knows Ree, the Pioneer Woman, personally.


  1. designhermomma says:

    I have exactly 2 pics of me at blissdom. And I was even shackin’ up with an official photographer for the event. 🙂

    I did get to meet you, which was pretty darn awesome!

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