Noddin’ My Head Like Yeah

That’s me in the front in stripes doing the rocker chick stance with Nashville bloggers Calie from Broccoli Cupcake and Sami Cone from to my right. Yeah I’m all confident here after the entire thing was OVER. Thank you Jesus for deodorant. Picture taken by Think Maya with Rachel from A Southern Fairytale‘s camera.

About 90 of us were on the down low for a secret mission going down at the Blissdom Conference last weekend.

Operation Party In the USA went off beautifully after the fantastic keynote by Scott Stratten Friday evening. We slipped on our fingerless gloves and took everyone by surprise.

Do ya’ll know how difficult it is for me to keep a secret? I didn’t even tell my Blissdom roommate, Kelly from Faithful Provisions.

We practiced in our homes, our cars, and sometimes, like me, our offices (behind closed doors and giving the parking lot passersby a thrill or perhaps pause for why a woman was dancing in the dark to Party in the USA) for weeks. The entire thing was choreographed by Nashville area blogger Jana Warnke, who is a beautifully creative soul to dream up such a fun idea. She posted tutorials to a secret group on Facebook and coordinated the entire thing so well that even someone like me, who got her butt kicked in hip hop class two years ago, could master it. Nashville blogger Malia has a great post about how the whole thing was dreamed up last fall.

Never in a million years would I have believed that I’d participate in a flashmob.

Never in a million years would I have believed that I’d know EVERY SINGLE WORD to a Miley Cyrus song.

“So I put my hands up!”

Here’s a fun video shot when Nashville blogger Carrie Ferguson Weir from Tiki Tiki blog grabbed a camera from Shab from No Todo Yago. I’m in the middle at about 1:09.

For more flashmob goodness, click here.


  1. Malia says:

    I’m loving the flashmob posts! I don’t think we ever expected it to be this…epic! So fun and I’m so glad that you joined in!!

  2. Jana says:

    Jamie it was so great mobbin with you! There are a few group pics where you are totally pumped and I was so impressed with your enthusiasm. It was really fun to learn how and where you practiced, the coolest part is no one has the same story but we all ended up together doing the same thing and I’m still just amazed.Thanks for your super suh-weet post! xoxo you rocked it girl.

  3. Calie says:

    Love it! My adrenaline is racing all over again reliving this amazing experience through your post. Thanks for being my super secret flash-mob buddy.

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