The Noggys: 2010 Edition

Christmas is officially over but the memories? Last a lifetime.

Unfortunately some of these memories are not always picture perfect so I thought I’d share some of our more noteworthy (and cringeworthy) moments from the holiday.

Behold, the first annual Noggys (official mascot…Ricky the Santa Monkey):

Why Didn’t I Think Of That Holiday Gimmick

Elf on a Shelf…good LORD what a great idea! Must. Invent. Something.

Norman Rockwell Moment

Waking up to our first white Christmas in Nashville in 17 years!

I’ll Have What She’s Having Dessert

Homemade carrot cake given to my mom….this was the most amazing cake. We were in a serious relationship all weekend. I was sad to see it go.

Christmas Morning Video Cringeworthy Moment

My chronic overuse of the word “cool.” What am I? 13?

Most Regretted Overlooked Shopping List Item

Wine…I didn’t buy any for the weekend but I am stocking up on LOTS of wine next year.

Toy Most Likely To Give Aging Dog A Nervous Breakdown

Furry Frenzies…like cute little robotic hamsters on crack.

What The Hell Was I Thinking Moment

Going to Walmart on Christmas Eve Eve.

Toy Most Likely To Spur Retaliation Gifting

We gave an animated burping Bigfoot to our 5-year-old nephew. If my sister-in-law and brother-in-law give the girls a drum set next year, I’ll know why.

Best Overheard At The Kids’ Table Quote

“It’s probably a good thing Jesus came to save us or else we’d probably all be in jail or something.

What are some of your Noggy contenders?


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