Here Comes Monkey Claus, Here Comes Monkey Claus

Looking through old photographs last night the ghost of Christmas past visited me in the form of a monkey…Ricky the Santa Monkey to be exact.

It was Christmas 2004. I was 5 months pregnant. I had a 2-year-old.  Those last two factors alone pretty much guaranteed a very hormonal holiday, wrapped up in a neat little package.

The hubby and I got in an argument over something, which I’m sure was exacerbated by my knocked-up condition.

He offered to escape my wrath take Miss C to the mall and when they returned he handed me this picture:

Yes for a small fee you too could have received this classy keepsake photo, complete with digital date stamp imprinted on the side. This is a family heirloom moment just waiting to be airbrushed on a t-shirt.

I laughed for hours over this picture…hours.

I cried I laughed so hard.

Well played hubby, well played.

Our local mall shut down not long thereafter, so let this be a lesson for you. If your mall is so broke they hire a monkey Santa, they probably won’t make it much longer. Our mall finally closed four years later. I’m sure the Santa monkey was a tipping point.

The real moral of this story, though, is for the husbands out there. Get thee to a mall with a Santa monkey if your wife is ticked off at you this holiday season. She’ll never remember why she was mad at you once you’ve made the pilgrimage to see a primate in a Santa suit.


  1. Susan Sasser says:

    This HAD to be in Bellevue Mall. We saw Santa Monkey there and I felt sorry for the little guy! I don’t think the mall hired him, I think his owner came and set up his little dinky background and took pics on the fly. Well played, indeed!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Yes! I keep stalking the news reports of the mall’s reopening. Just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

    I think Ricky might have been from Cheatham County (Pegram or Kingston Springs.)

  3. Gloria Mckellar says:

    I love this picture! The monkey in the santa suit! It’s so funny!! This made me laugh and made my day!

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