Sweet Solitude

Traveling to California this past weekend I realized what a rarity it is to be alone when you are a parent, at least at my stage in parenting when my girls are still young enough to think I’m a pretty OK person to hang out with, most of the time.

I love people watching at the airport, settling in with a book on the plane uninterrupted, and crashing in a king-size bed all by myself. I felt a tremendous last minute pang of guilt Thursday night before I left. Just ask my husband. I felt guilty leaving him for the weekend with the girls, even though they would be spending fun time with my inlaws and their cousins and even though I knew everyone would survive without me. Wink.

I missed my family but it was nice to look out at the ocean by myself and ponder the meaning of life.

Okay, Okay it was  nice to be able to sleep in two days in a row. I’m not necessarily a deeply philosophical girl. I do like to catch up on my sleep, though.

What about you? If you’re a parent, do you find it a rare luxury to have alone time? And do you like it? I remember the first time I went to the grocery store by myself when my older daughter was just a few weeks old. I felt all Thelma and Louise in the cereal aisle. There’s nothing like browsing Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran to make a new mom feel all giddy.

Even us been around the block a few times moms need some alone time, though.


  1. Balisha says:

    Hey…we all need alone time…even us “old folks.” I relish a day, when my husband goes away for the day….and I can do what I want. Stay in my pajamas, eat in front of the TV, read blogs, paint or do crafts, knit, read a book…I could go on and on.

  2. Katie says:

    I absolutely LOVE and CHERISH every single moment of my alone time. Of course if I do have a little bit of alone time, I usually end up feeling guilty for not having my little one w/ me, but I am working on the guilt issues. But I should mention that my “alone time” is on Wednesday night for about 1 hour when Grandma is visiting & I run to the grocery store. Yup, I too am a Mom Gone Wild in the cereal aisle. Ha ha 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    I do like to spend time by myself, but my husband does not get it at all. He would rather be with me all the time. That makes it kind of hard because sometimes he takes it personal when I say I just want some time to myself.

  4. Jamie says:

    Jennifer, that would get on my nerves LOL. My husband also likes alone time so he understands. Actually I might sometimes be a tad “too” independent!

    Marie, yes and the first time I went to Target by myself post-baby? HEAVEN ON EARTH! 😉

  5. G Bailey says:

    I felt the same way when I was travelling for business. Oh, I missed my little girl! But room service and someone else making the bed helped assuage the guilt. 🙂

    ceis8009 at yahoo dot com

  6. EG says:

    I travel for work, and although it’s work and kind of lonely not to have anyone to eat dinner with, sometimes it takes all my self-control to not act giddy before I go. A hotel bed to myself? A meal on per diem? Watching whatever I want to on TV? Yes, please.

  7. Kristie says:

    Sometimes, when I finally have time alone, I hardly know what to do with myself! This between the pre-school and A.M. kindergarten schedules, I have 2 hours alone for one morning each week. I have declared it totally “MY TIME” and refuse to feel guilty if I choose to spend that time watching TV and not folding laundry!

  8. Amber says:

    Alone time is definitly a luxury for me – I really enjoy reading too when I get the chance. I’m currently reading a fascinating book about a Jewish Harvard grad prison librarian. It’s called “Running the Books” by Avi Steinberg.

  9. Kristina says:

    Everybody needs solo time. Even kids do. I just miss getting a book and reading all day long not a care in this world. But reality sets in. We’ve got obligations to attend to. And we have to put ourselves last in the list.

  10. Susan says:

    I love being able to wander the aisles of Target by myself. It happens so rarely though! My biggest me time happens after everyone else has gone to bed and I can watch whatever channel I want. There is only so much Spongebob I can take!

  11. Lynda Pringle says:

    There is nothing like the luxury of solitude and I know that parents often do not get that luxury. Personally, I love the leisure of solitude when I can be alone with my hodgepodge of random thoughts. There is nothing like it.

  12. Susan Sasser says:

    Yes, alone time is a truly rare luxury! So rare, that I have don’t really get any. But if a toddler at her grandmother’s and a simultaneously napping infant counts, I love to catch up on some Real Housewives on DVR. Nothing like having the remote all to yourself and not having to worry about little eyes seeing the trash you are watching!

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