A Little Sand, A Little Snow

Yeah this was NICE.

Sunday morning I was strolling on the beach in Del Mar, California, marveling at the beauty and taking care not to get my shoes soaked.

Sunday evening I was walking through the Nashville airport parking garage, marveling at the snow and taking care not to slip and fall while I held Miss A’s hand.

I called the hubby yesterday shortly after 11 a.m. California time,  just as I was about to board my flight home from a Nissan event in San Diego to Nashville. He said it was snowing at home, but just tiny flakes, the type of snow that’s picturesque but don’t really amount to any serious accumulation. Still, wintry precipitation is a novelty for Southerners and is just enough to get us riled up and heading to the grocery, God help us all should we run out of toilet paper, milk , or beer.

I turned my iPhone off, settled into a window seat next to a couple who looked like they’d be pleasant enough to sit next to for 3 1/2 hours (until she whipped out a raw veggie plate and ranch dressing, ugh), and began reading a book, which in and of itself is sheer heaven to me as I never have hours, no not even minutes, of uninterrupted time to read a novel. I snoozed for a bit and about 2 1/2 hours into the flight the pilot began to make an announcement. I was certain he’d just give us the usual spiel about starting to making our descent into Nashville.

But NO. We were being diverted to Little Rock due to the winter weather conditions in Nashville.

Little Rock.

As in Arkansas.

Our Southwest flight crew was fantastic. They let us exit the plane for more than an hour so we could grab something to eat (gourmet Whopper combo for me please) and take a much needed break. I began mentally preparing myself to spend the night in Arkansas. I’ve always wanted to visit Arkansas. OK, so not really. I was anxious to get home. I missed my family. But there I was with entire flight of passengers in the same situation and some of them with very tired and cranky babies.

About an hour and a half later we got the go ahead to reboard and head into Nashville. I’ve never landed in a snow storm before and had no idea what the landing would be like but it was incredibly smooth and we all clapped and cheered. As soon as we landed around 6:30 I called my husband and he surprised me by saying he and the girls were at the airport. All outgoing flights from Nashville were canceled, roads were getting more treacherous by the second and if it weren’t for 4-wheel drive in my SUV I’d probably be spending the morning at a Nashville airport hotel figuring out how to hitch a ride with an ice road trucker.

Oh and it’s 13 degrees out right now as I’m publishing this.


  1. Susan says:

    Arkansas is not somewhere I would want to be stranded either… 🙂 And it’s 9 here with a windchill of -10. At least we can say that we’ll probably have a white Christmas! It’s not going to warm up enough in the next 2 weeks to melt everything!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad that we didn’t get that part of the weather. Although it is really super cold here too. At least for today. We are getting warmer weather as the week goes by and being back in the 70’s in a couple of days.

  3. Coma Girl says:

    As you were landing in Nashville, my husband, daughter and I were driving there through the snow – it was crazy, even for us New Yorkers. Glad you made it home safely though.

    Oh and the next day we left Nashville and drove to Little Rock…you didn’t miss much 😉

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