Little Miss Smarty Ants

We love books at our house and it’s been such a joy to share some of my favorite childhood books with my girls. We live in a high-tech household, though, and my girls are also big lovers of gaming. As a parent I want to encourage them to play games that reinforce what they are learning at school.

We’ve had the SmartyAnts phonics system for nearly a month. I’ve been really pleased with it because Miss A is also learning sight words at school and has suddenly just taken off on reading. I love watching her sound out words as we point to them. The phonetic sounding out of words is something that SmartyAnts reinforces and it’s really clicked in her mind. I am so excited to be sharing new books with her and to watch her face light up as she reads.

The sign of any good online learning system is constant requests from your child to keep playing. The sign of a great online learning sytem is when your child keeps pestering you to play AND you as a parent actually see them learning so you don’t mind letting them play. SmartyAnts has been a great online learning system for Miss A and even my 8-year-old Miss C has declared it to be officially “cool.”

Miss A also adores her plush Husky phonics pup that comes with the SmartyAnts system. He’s just the right size for her to carry with her in the car and to sleep with. She’s now memorized a couple of the songs he sings and his voice is so cute it isn’t annoying (you know how it goes when your kid just won’t let go of a song.)

The SmartyAnts system really makes learning fun for her, and that makes learning fun for ME.


  1. Katie says:

    Wow, Smarty Ants sounds like an amazing system! While I realize kids are all about ‘fun’ games as a parent I am insistent on making sure my child is also learning and Smarty Ants sounds like it’s fun & educational. My daughter is just starting to get to the age where she wants to play games on my Iphone / laptop so I bet this would be perfect for her. And as she’s also obsessed w/ dogs, but unfortunately has NO chance of getting one (we have 2 cats) this might be the perfect compromise.

    Thanks so much for sharing this review w/ us! I think Santa might have to add Smarty Pants to his gift list! 🙂

  2. StyleBlueprint says:

    I have just added this to my youngest’s Christmas “must get” list. He will love it. I’m so out of the know with these things as I”m trying so hard to keep up with my oldest. Thanks for the reminder that I easily get him entertained a few times a week and have him feeling proud about his reading skills.


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