Jolly Old [Quasi Evil Looking] St. Nicholas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

OK OK so maybe a little like Christmas. We’ve put up a few decorations but have yet to conquer Operation Put Up Behemoth Artificial Tree which usually results in the hubby and I popping antihistamines from all the attic dust and me wondering how much it would cost for someone to just come over and put the #$%@& together. Then I take a deep breath, crank the Christmas music, and watch how much fun the girls are having. That is, unless they start fighting over who gets rights to hang up a particular ornament. Then I break out the wine and start with the ole “Girls, Santa is WATCHING you.”

And at our house he really is.

We have a toy Santa that has been in my family ever since I can remember.

This wise old guy originally belonged to my maternal grandmother. My mother remembers him from the 1950s and I’ve seen photographic evidence in grainy black and white Norman Rockwell looking photos so he’s got to be close to 60 years old. He’s from Bijou Toy Design in New York and I like to think about all the family holidays he’s shared with us. He looks like he could store a few dozen cookies in his belly, too.

I told the girls we didn’t need one of those fancy newfangled young elf North Pole assistants when we have this wizened rosy cheeked Santa, even if he occasionally looks as if he might turn on us if we make a wrong move.

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  1. Amy says:

    Maybe he needs some eggnogg. 😉 I haven’t put mine up yet either. I just can’t muster the right attitude to go up there and get it and fight those lights. I bought new ones again this year, so maybe it won’t be so bad! I do know I’m not wrapping every limb like I have tried in the past. This sucker is just goin’ up, maybe tomorrow afternoon. I do have to have it up by the 11th for the cookie swap here. I may bet Aaron to bring it down tonight along with the decorations. That is what a strapping young teenage son is for, right?? (insert evil laugh here, as I’m covered for several years on that front!!)

  2. Katie says:

    That Santa is awesomely grouchy — I’d be scared to be a bad girl w/ him watching me! LOL

    We just bought that silly Elf on a Shelf and $20 something dollars later, we have this antique creepy looking Elf in our house that my daughter is terrified of! She’s been such a good girl like to the point of craziness because she’s so scared of “Carey” (she named him). And she won’t even look at the dumb thing if she goes in the same room as him! I hope I am not scarring the poor kid for life w/ this darn elf! Ha ha.

    • Lisa says:

      I think the Elf on a shelf is scary too. I don’t want any doll “watching me.” Funny that your daughter named the elf Carey- like that 1976 Halloween movie Carrie- coincidence? I don’t think so.

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