Saturday Morning Links: Coveted Cardigan, Hot Toddy, Good Book Edition

A few weeks ago I was waiting at the chiropractor and I noticed that the woman sitting across from me was wearing the most gorgeous gray cardigan. She told me she bought it at a little boutique near my office (cha ching!) that looked expensive but was filled with reasonable things. (Double cha ching!)

I love cardigans because it’s never really THAT cold in Nashville, or at least for very long, and cardigans are versatile. I haven’t quite been able to find a match online to the coveted cardigan but here are a few I love.

This one at Target is a close match and is less than $32:

Have you heard of J. Crew Factory? It’s an online store ONLY open on the weekends. Love this sweater. I read about it on Nashville blogger Dr. Baby Mama Drama’s blog.

I love this one from Anthropologie, too. Although Anthropologie is not cheap.

Oh and this sweater from Sundance, owned by Robert Redford. My mom used to get this catalog and I had completely forgotten about it. Pretty!

Now that Don Draper has left the house until season 5 of Mad Men, SOB, I am down to watching virtually almost nothing on TV except for House with the hubby. There was a time I was totally addicted to HGTV but I burned out on it and all the 9.2 million DIY projects I could be tackling at our 42-year-old house and I’m on a reading kick.

Since Labor Day I’ve read The Help, The White Queen, and Girl in Translation. I’m now reading The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. I love hearing about a good book and then requesting it on the Nashville library website. Typically, being the ADD kind of girl that I am, I forget about what I’ve requested and then a few weeks later I get an email telling me it’s available at my local branch.

This makes me quite giddy.

Yes, I am a nerd.

Next subject.

Some other fall tidbits for you:

What are you reading or drinking these days?

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  1. MargieK says:

    I’m loving this year’s “cardigan,” that new open style with drapey front. But it seems weird to call them cardigans. That word has always meant that it had buttons down the front! But simply says it’s a sweater that opens in the front.

    An online store that’s only “open” on the weekends? How does that work? Do you get a “404” error page if you try to visit on a weekday? Or is it that the ordering software only works on the weekends? Guess I’ll have to check it out and see!

  2. Mom GIfts says:

    Love the cardigan…I’ve been wearing lots of hoodies lately, but I want to upgrade to cardigans. Just as comfortably, but they look tons better!

    Looking forward to trying the drink recipe. I’m on a mission to try Starbuck’s new holiday drinks – just another excuse to take a break from cleaning!

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