An Epidemic Worse Than The Man Cold: The Boy Doll

Thanks to the rockin’ party circuit known as the elementary school birthday party scene, we’ve made several trips to major big box toy retailer over the past few weeks. It’s not my favorite place in the world, but the girls totally get their ya yas out by gazing at the toy-filled shelves and I practically have to drag them out to the car.

The girls are fond of Moxie Girlz dolls, although we currently don’t provide shelter for any dolls on the market that exchange the letter “s” for “z” in their name. I’m a rebel without a cause like that. Miss C pointed out a new Moxie Boyz doll and declared it “weird.” Nothing makes you nostalgic for good ole Barbie sidekick Ken than taking a look at the boy dolls on the market.

Baby, Baby, Baby oh…you need a haircut.

The more Z’s in the boy doll’s name, the closer to looking Satanic, apparently.

What parent doesn’t want to get their kid a doll that looks like Dave Navarro?

Get your GTL on…very Jersey Shore!

This Monster High boy doll is a package deal. These are your dolls. These are your dolls on drugs (drugz…whatever.)

 From Madison Avenue to Tiny Town, it’s the official Mad Men Don Draper doll. I might consider buying him if he sounds like Jon Hamm AND could make me a martini.

p.s. This man cold video is hilarious! (via the always witty with a Southern edge Baby Bloomr)


  1. Jamie says:

    Flossip, I almost said The Man Doll in the title of this post but THAT? Seemed all kinds of wrong.

    Jennnifer, stay strong! Resist the Bieber Fever!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m not a fan of dolls too much anyway,( you know they freak me out) but these are just bizaaaare!!

  3. Loretta says:

    I agree, the boy dolls in “big box” stores are awful. Please consider My Sibling and My Pal 18? BOY dolls. They are high quality, reasonably priced alternatives, and the clothing and accessories are made in the USA. Our program benefits teens and adults with disabilities. Dolls come with booklets about important topics for children, in which they can write their own story after reading informative text: My Pal for Going Green (caring for the environment), My Pal the Patriot (honoring people who serve our country), My Pal for Tennis (love of sports), My Pal for Peace (being a peacemaker), My Pal for Christmas (contains Christmas carols), My Pal for Hanukkah, and many more. My Sibling dolls come with booklets that teach children, from the perspective of the typical child what it

  4. Lisa says:

    OMG, puke. I was in a spin class the other day and the teacher put on that Baby Baby Oh stupid Beiber song. She is a cool chick, she must be under his spell too. Oh well, he’ll grow up soon enuf and lose his teen idol status. Can’t wait to see what’s coming down the pike next.

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