Dead Crabs: The Gateway Drug To Zhu Zhu Pets

Remind me why we wanted to get hermit crabs again?

We’ve had yet another crab bite the dust, sand, whatever at our house.

One thing about having pets with short life expectancies is it teaches your kids about death and dying. Then again it may just teach them that their parents are suckers and will continue to buy replacement small pets at the corner pet store.

Unfortunately Smudge the pet hamster in Miss C’s 3rd grade class also suffered an early demise last week and thank GOD we weren’t the family keeping him over fall break when he was in the last days of his tiny rodent existence. Smudge received a very fitting memorial service and according to Miss C was lovingly wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy before being buried beneath the window of her classroom.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do for Sebastian the hermit crab but just because he’s not warm-blooded doesn’t mean he doesn’t also deserve to go out with a bang although I don’t really want to cut toilet paper into tiny strips to wrap around his tiny hermit crab shell.

Rest in peace Sebastian. I’m wondering how many thousands of dollars are pumped into the hermit crab industry each year by unsuspecting parents like us.

The only small pets I’m really wanting to invest in from now will probably the battery-operated kind. I’ve always wanted a raccoon with a mohawk.

Yes I realize this is not technically a Zhu Zhu pet, but a Furreal Frenzie or Frenzied Furball or whatever the hell they are called.


  1. Robin says:

    George Carlin was a huge pet lover. He had it right saying we buy or adopt a pet knowing we are bringing a little tragedy into our lives. My daughter just got her first dog after a rabbit met an untimely end.
    I like your idea thought, it does show kids that there is life and there is death.

  2. Babybloomr says:

    Honey, if you lined up all of the dead hermit crabs we have accrued over the years end to end, it would probably circle the house a couple of times. Which would be kind of disgusting, now that I actually picture that in my mind. Also? The homeowners association would probably be all up in our business.
    The only comforting thing about walking in and discovering that yet another “Hermie” bit the big one is the fact that they apparently feel the need to crawl OUT of their shell right before they shuffle off the mortal coil– and you suddenly see that they look like creepy mutant big-headed spiders and then the fact that they’re dead doesn’t actually feel like such a great loss. Because, you know, ewwwww..

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Tori, LOL!!!

    Yeah they are pretty darn creepy sans shell. Plus we have all these crazy rasta tropical festive shells which kind of liven them up. Without them they look like something out of Alien IV: Spawn Of Satanic Hermie.

  4. Nelson's Mama says:

    The last hamster we had absolutely REFUSED to die – Bubbles developed a very gross tumor on his side and he stunk to high heaven.

    Our friend works at a surgical center and he brought home a tiny little injection that helped Bubbles hop onto that hamster wheel in the sky.

  5. Todd says:

    Thing 1 brought home a hermit crab from school last semester. We had no idea what we were getting into. We tried our best, we just couldn’t make it work. She lasted a month. Fish are a lot easier.

  6. Kathy says:

    The only problem with the zuzu pets is that at the weirdest time the make noises and scare the you know what out of you. ;0)

  7. Mari says:

    I never had “furry” pets until I moved out because my Mom was allergic. So now I have a menagerie:)
    I’m sad when they pass but I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

  8. Liz @thisfullhouse says:

    Living on the Jersey Shore (the REAL one) I’ve managed to come home WITHOUT a hermit crab all these years and now I am really, really glad I did. Also, best freakin’ blog post title…EVUH!

  9. Nenad says:

    Good thing is to have a living pet at home, but for my oppinion not more than two. A hare and turttle in my flat are just good enough for my 3 kids to taking care of them. Everything else is too much and drops on parent’s backs. And there electric humpsters jump in.

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  11. Zhu Zhu Pets says:

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