Come Fly With Me, Drive, Whatever

We love to travel as a family and although I have had the opportunity to go on several amazing blog-related trips this year, I haven’t been able to travel with my husband and the girls as much.

I’m very excited to tell ya’ll that I’ve joined the Traveling Mom group of family travel writers as the Nashville Traveling Mom! I met the founder, Kim Orlando, on my recent trip to La Jolla and love the concept of the website. It’s a great family travel resource.

Every Monday I’ll be sharing great things to do in my hometown of Nashville and beyond, as well as other travel tips and reviews.

Check out this week’s post, 5 Places To Enjoy Fall Foliage in Nashville, where I list my favorite places in Middle Tennessee to see amazing autumn color without trekking to the Smokey Mountains.

What vacation tips or road trip ideas would you like to know about in Tennessee?

p.s. You can also read my introductory post that includes fun facts about my beautiful hometown!


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks Colleen! That’s a great idea. This will also encourage me to get out and about with my family and my camera.

  2. Bailey says:

    Hi Lizzy, just wanted to say I rlaley enjoy your books and I am hoping Grey God comes out soon, rlaley eager to find out what happens next.Take carePen

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