How Do You Single Moms Do It?

Last week my husband was down for the count with walking pneumonia. He was pretty well comatose each morning while the girls and I got ready for school and work. In fact, there were a few times I nudged him just to make sure he was still alive.

Thankfully the 8-year-old can fend for herself and despite being very particular about her clothes and hair, is just as antsy as I am to get the heck out the door. Miss A, however, is my child that plods through the motions of getting ready like she’s doing the breast stroke through oatmeal.

Hubby is always up and checking e-mail and working at his desk in the morning while we girls get ready (because really it’s best to avoid the bathroom while we do our girl thing) but is always there to lend a hand. Miss A’s hair is notoriously major bed head and he is a great tangle tamer. I can also always rely on him to get her tennis shoes tied just right. It’s just nice, too, to know there’s another adult human being in the mix. You know, so I’m not unnumbered.

Granted I was parenting solo under the influence of PMS last week but if my temporary single mom experience was any indication of what I’d be like as a solo parent, then I’m making sure my husband never gets sick during the school year again or else I will be taking the girls to school on my broom.


  1. Jamie says:

    Ya’ll I couldn’t do it!

    Tabor, I do work from home but just on Fridays during the school year. Thankfully they are both at the same elementary school. Up until the spring Miss A was at a separate daycare but my husband would take her and I’d take Miss C.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I could not do it without my husband. He doesn’t get the kids dressed (but he would if I ever remembered to lay out their clothes), but he does get them up out of bed for me every morning and most mornings gives them breakfast too.

  3. Jamie says:

    Jennifer, I try to get the girls to pick out their school clothes the night before. I was super ambitious about this when school started but have slacked. They have a dress code for their public school here, which makes it very easy. No crazy “creative” outfits to agonize over. 😉

    I can’t complain because although my husband does not do breakfast for the girls he is a fantastic cook. Tonight he grilled a pork tenderloin and made fried apples in an iron skillet!

  4. Susan says:

    I basically consider myself a single mom for 9 1/2 months out of the year. My husband teaches and coaches (XC and track). He is out the door very early for morning practices and gets home late from after school practices. I only have one kid to deal with, but he’s becoming a very opinionated 4 year old who gets easily distracted sometimes. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have the extra help, but on the mornings when he is home, it just causes extra chaos. Routines seem to be my lifesaver! That and getting up at 5am to get myself ready first…

  5. Kaye says:

    Oh, I feel for you. I would imagine it was just out the normal. My hubs always left before we were ever out of bed, but the mornings he might be there were BAD! Hope he is feeling better. Have you scheduled him for a flu shot yet?

  6. Terez says:

    That’s hilarious!

    I, too, hate when my husband’s sick, even if he doesn’t do much to contribute to the process of getting our 3-year-old girl ready. It just helps for him to be there for moral support.

    A little tip: I keep my daughter’s super curly hair from knotting in the morning by putting a braid in it every night. If I don’t do that braid, we are in for a detangling session of ouchies. The comb just glides through her hair after I take out a braid. It’s wonderful!

  7. Karen TN says:

    I hope you keep a close eye on him. I’ve had 2 friends die of pneumonia and when I had it, I experienced breathing issues for months afterwards. The “threat” is the patient is sometimes much weaker than they realize (my oxygen level was less than 1/2 before I realized it and went back to the doctor). Luckily my outcome was good, because I’m a single parent of 2 children who couldn’t afford to loose their mom. My prayers will be for a speedy recovery. God’s speed!

  8. Sarah says:

    Must be something in the water. My husband is down a hand (he cut himself on a weekend project and got stitches), and is working late to meet a work deadline. I’ve been doing the bedtime routine all alone for the past week and it’s rough. I need that evening handoff of the kid, even if it’s just for a few minutes of remembering that I’m Sarah and not just Mama.

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