Pack Like A Multi-Tasking Mofo

I board a plane for NYC next week (with a connecting flight in D.C….pray I make it….UPDATED to add…the connecting flight is in Philly whew!) and I’m taking a carry on bag for three nights. I tend to overpack so this will be a feat for me! Plus I am going to daytime events and evening events, including four different cocktail parties. More on that later!

While I am no major fashionista, I’ve traveled quite a bit this year and thought I’d share some tips for packing like a multi-tasking mofo:

Black Indestructible, Wrinkle Proof Skirt

I have a black George brand WalMart skirt (do not judge!) in a jersey type material that I could wad up and jump up and down on and it would still bounce back and look great. You can wear it with a t-shirt, sandals, and fun necklace for a casual look or a sleeveless silk top like this one from Old Navy and heels for a dressier evening event. The right black skirt in the right jersey type polyester blend material will carry you through all seasons (wear it with boots in the winter.) Coldwater Creek has an entire travel line.

Versatile cute top from Old Navy that would look great with black pants, a black skirt, or jeans.

Non Mom Kick-Booty Jeans

Wear jeans on the plane. It’s always cool and you always need a good pair of jeans on a trip. I like Lee Slender Secret jeans. I also recently tried on a pair of Levi’s skinny jeans at TJ Maxx and loved them.


You never know if it’s going to be frigid in a conference room. A cute lightweight cardigan is also great for wearing on the plane. Layer it over a plain tank top or t-shirt and a fun necklace and jeans.

Ruffle edge cardigan from Old Navy.

Signature Piece of Jewelry or Scarf

Bring one fun, funky bracelet or necklace. is great for unusual jewelry or find a fun trendy piece from a store that is geared toward the 20 somethings (i.e. inexpensive) like Delias, Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. Talbots and Down East Basics also have beautiful jewelry on clearance. I am not a scarf person but they are great on some people and dress up a plain shirt. Plus you can find fun, inexpensive scarves everywhere, from Target to TJ Maxx to Old Navy.

Bib necklaces, like this one from A Tres Chic Boutique, are really in right now.

Love this Emerald glass vintage necklace from Etsy.

This statement necklace from Anthropologie would be beautiful with pale gray or blue.

Large Bag That Doubles As Tote

I have a large turquoise purse from TJ Maxx that is my travel purse that I’ll carry on the plane. It’s large enough to pack a netbook, such as an HP Mini, my iPhone, a small notepad, makeup, wallet, camera, Flip video camera, etc.

Love this bag from Target!

Small Clutch For Evening

You don’t want to haul your mammoth bag (that you’ll bring on the plane) around all day or night so bring a smallish evening type bag large enough for lipstick or lipgloss, your phone, ID, debit card, hotel key, powder, and mints. Speaking of hotel keys, at many conferences I’ve seen people stow their hotel key in their conference lanyard plastic sleeve, behind their conference ID.

Black Pants

See black skirt above. You can dress these up or down. I just bought a pair of Sag Harbor slim pants from Kohls. I can wear them year round.

I always clean out my purse before I go on a trip and get it down to the bare essentials. Other things you’ll need: batteries, change, phone charger, business cards or Poken, hand sanitizer, makeup remover wipes, pain reliever such as Ibruprofen, Band Aids, etc. I also make sure everything I pack can be mixed and matched and bring as few shoes as possible. You may also want to pack a cute business card holder, such as this one from GracieDesigns on Etsy.

Do you have any tips for packing light?


  1. Jill says:

    Lay all of your like clothes together (I.E., your t-shirts) on top of each other and roll them up jelly-roll style. They take up much less room this way! (Learned on mission trips where if you don’t pack minimally, there’s no place to SIT on the church bus!)

  2. Kaye says:

    Sounds like you have it all planned! I just bought a cute beachy summer dress at Belk like your black skirt. I could have sat on it the whole trip and it still look great once I put it on. Love that for packing.
    .-= Kaye´s last blog ..Nothing like Bible Camp =-.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Oh no! NOT tight. I should clarify on the black skirt it is sort of a polyester jersey blend. Definitely NOT tight!

  4. Kel says:

    A black skirt is a must have and I agree with Jill…”jelly roll” will save you VALUABLE room in packing! I am not a big fan of checked bagage and on a recent trip to virgina I bought a new bag on my way back…carryon. Let me tell you, the jelly roll got all my stuff AND my original ‘check’ back in the same roll aboard without any problems! 🙂
    Oh..and NYC…dare I say … does this mean I will see you there??? I am so looking forward to the trip!!!!!
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..Girlfriends

  5. Leah Marie Brown says:

    Okay, I will confess. Had you not included photos of your fab finds, I would have sniffed and turned my nose. You have restored my faith in the ability to find fashion greatness at Old Navy! Loving that pink rosette top – looks like one I bought at Ann Taylor Loft (for probably double the price – drats).

    Fun blog.

  6. Blonde Mom says:

    It seems like I don’t have luck in the actual Old Navy store, but I always find cute things online. Honestly. Hmmmm.

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