Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind


I felt like Tippi Hedren in The Birds and then remembered it’s 2010, Alfred Hitchcock is dead, and we have HD Tv.

Monday evening the thunder rolled and dark storm clouds moved in while we were out after Miss C’s last indoor soccer game of the summer. We were eating at a little sports bar when I saw the tornado warnings for our county via e-mail on my iPhone.

We headed home, toward the tornado warnings (awesome), but by the time we got to our house the warnings had expired and it had just started to lightly rain. I decided to take down our hanging ferns from the front porch and place them on our front walk for a little watering session courtesy of Mother Nature.

We have a family of birds that always makes a nest in the right side fern each spring. The baby birds have long grown up, learned to fly, and headed elsewhere so I no longer proceed with caution when I unhook that fern.

Big mistake.

I started to take the fern down when a freaked out sparrow, no doubt hiding out from the threat of the summer storm, flew full speed DIRECTLY INTO MY FACE. OMG!

That’s right. A bird flew smack dab into my left jawline, right below my ear. I’m not sure who was more scarred from this episode, the bird or me, but I’m just glad it didn’t bruise my cheek or die slowly at my feet. I would love to explain that to my kids. Never mind the dead bird on the porch girls. Mommy killed it accidentally! WITH HER HEAD.

We won’t talk about the snake hiding in the bush by our mailbox a few weeks ago or the dead squirrel on our front lawn that greeted me as I went for a walk last night.

I think the universe is telling me to stay indoors.


  1. Linda Sullivan says:

    Haha. “would love to explain that (bird dying) to my kids”

    this seriously made my day. Well, at least, by the presence of fern tenants, you are now sure that your home is a comfort zone (for both people and wildlife). Just be careful with bird flu though 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    We get fern tenants every year too !! Glad I am not the only that has had the life scared out of them this way !

  3. Katie says:

    OMG you totally made me laugh although I really do feel your pain!

    I was literally attacked by a bird last summer when I tried to remove the old nasty bird house in our backyard that was left there by the previous owners. This crazy bird was flying over my head and sticking it’s claws in my hair — I was screaming, running, and rolling around on the ground all while the hubby and toddler sat there laughing hysterically at me. And the worst part besides the attack — the freakin’ bird house is still there and that little bird mocks me everytime she flies in & out. Ugh!

    They still laugh about it to this day and it’s become my daughter’s favorite story for Mama to tell her — she even reminds me if I leave one single second of terror out of the story. I have ALWAYS been deathly afraid of birds so this incident definitely scarred me for life. LOL 🙂
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..It

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