American Girl Doll Giveaway

This giveaway is closed. The overall random winner is Katie from Mommy Katie and the Nashville area winner is Wendi who commented, “I am in Nashville. My 7 year old daughter has Celiac Disease. She is an advocate for herself and others when it comes to Celiac awareness. During the recent Nashville flood, she baked gluten free food for families that were displaced and unable to prepare their own food.  She also helped me with laundry of flood victims.  Each bag of clean clothes we returned, she put a picture she had colored and a toy of her own on top to cheer another child up.  All 3 of our children have been such great community volunteers during this time.  They are so selfless. We were already proud of them.

Looking for the American Girl doll giveaway? You’re in the right place! Please see contest details at the end of this post and thanks for visiting my blog.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m so excited to be partnering with American Girl to help spread the news about their new charitable initiative, Shine On Now! My 8-year-old daughter, Miss C, is especially crazy about American Girl.

Starting today, July 13, girls can donate up to 100 free “stars” a day to help American Girl reach its goal of collecting one million stars by the end of July. The donated “stars” help the National Wildlife Federation, Kids in Distressed Situations, Save the Children, and the National Association of Children’s Hospitals. If the goal of one million stars is met, American Girl will donate $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to these four charities.

Girls can also sign up to become official American Girl Ambassadors at Shine On Now. They will receive a free, downloadable tool kit filled with fun tips and ideas for volunteering and making a difference in their community. American Girl is also launching a new online destination for girls: Innerstar University. This safe virtual world has games, quizzes, and other activities designed to help boost girls’ confidence. They can also explore this new online destination with their My American Girl doll, a new line of 18-inch contemporary dolls.

To celebrate the launch of Shine On Now, I’m giving away two My American Girl dolls! The My American Girl line allows girls to create a special doll as unique as they are through a new, innovative online tool, that enables them to choose everything from hair color to braces so that their doll will reflect their beauty and special traits.

Enter to win a My American Girl Doll:

Simply leave a comment on this post about a deserving girl who makes a difference in her community. I’ll be giving away a doll to an overall U.S. winner and one to a Nashville area winner so please specify in your comment if you are from Nashville. Two winners will be randomly selected from all eligible comments left by midnight Saturday, July 31. Winner has 48 hours to respond to my tweets or emails notifying them of their win; otherwise, an alternate winner will be selected. I will update this post with the winners’ names after July 31 once I confirm their information.

For extra entries (please leave an additional comment on this post letting me know you have done so…you may do each of these just once:)

Tweet the following: Enter the American Girl doll giveaway from @AGShineOnNow and @blondemomblog #shineOnNow

Visit Shine On Now’s wall on Facebook and post the following: I learned about American Girl’s exciting new Shine On Now program and a chance to win an American Girl doll through 7/31 at

Thanks for entering and good luck! You can see the full list of American Girl Shine On Now parent partners on Facebook

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for my work in announcing the Shine On Now initiative. American Girl provided me with two My American Girl dolls, both of which I am giving away. They are also donating 1,000 stars to the Shine On Now initiative in my name.


  1. Mandy W. says:

    My youngest daughter would adore winning this doll. She is the youngest of four girls and tends to get a lot of hand-me-downs as toys and clothes. She is funny, smart, and very creative wearing the craziest clothes 🙂 Her favorite colors are black and green and she is just very unique. Two of her older sisters joined our family through adoption just two years ago and our family has gone through a lot of transitions and Elle has done very well with all of our ups and downs. She is my joy!

  2. Jennifer England says:

    I am not sure if I am in the right place to be entering the giveaway, I hope I am! I would like to enter my beautiful daughter. She is 9 years old and has a heart of gold. She has been struggling with Selective Mutism since she was 3, but still finds ways around it to inspire others. She has been a Brownie Girl Scout for 3 years and in dance for 6 years. My daughter inspired our family to start recycling 3 years ago and watches to make sure we are doing our part! She helps out with the younger kids in church, wants to adopt children when she is an adult, and is always watching out for the underdog at school. She took her cousin around the playground introducing him to new people and will sit with him at lunch if he is alone. He has a hard time with the kids in school and my daughter is always sticking up for him reguardless what her friends say. She is an inspiration to me.
    We are from Michigan.

  3. Heather says:

    My niece turns 8 in August and LOVES American Girl. I recently bought one for my daughter’s birthday at their NYC store–it was magical!

  4. Shari says:

    I think my dear (6 year old) grand daughter would adore an American Girl doll. She has a mind of her own and loves her babies. I would love to see an American Girl doll that looks just like her!
    .-= Shari´s last blog .. =-.

  5. April Vereb says:

    I think my daughter deserves one, not only because she absolutely LOVES American Girl, but because she helps out everyone she can. She’s 9 years old, but she really has a heart of gold. We lived next door to an elderly lady, before we moved to our home we live in now. She still asks to go see Mrs. James and bring her goodies every once in awhile, just to make her day. We took her some fruit bars last week, sugar-free, being she’s diabetic. My daughter makes sure she doesn’t need anything done, from chores to “gardening”, and if she does, she tries to do it for her. She does this for everyone she can, including her grandparents. It’s not really what she does for the “community”, but it’s special to me. She does everything she possibly can. Thanks for this giveaway! 😉

    We are NOT in the Nashville area.

  6. Mami2jcn says:

    I’m not from Nashville.

    I’d nominate my neighbor (9 years old) who is involved in swimming & gymnastics. She helps others by babysitting & just being sweet to the other children in the neighborhood.

  7. Brittany says:

    My oldest daughter may be only 3 1/2 (going on 13….oy, the attitude is kill’n me -_- lol), but we’ve taught her to be very thoughtful and aware of her surroundings. With little children you teach them how to pick up after themselves, to wash their hands, and cover their mouths when they sneeze. You don’t really think how the things you teach your children can propel them to be a community catalyst; well she taught me something.
    We were at the park when an adult nonchalantly dropped their gum wrapper. Vera realized that wasn’t what we do with our trash and ran from me and came up behind him to chide him that “You put your trash in the trash can!” and proceeded to pick it up and do it for him (all the while my inner mommy was telling her “don’t touch that, it’s trash” lol). This adult was taken so aback by their action and that our little child was essentially being more adult like than they were that with Vera’s help they picked up a few things together laying around.Everyone around them took notice and tided up the park around them. I bet they don’t forget that. I know that I don’t when I have an empty cup and there’s not a trash can in site. Even though I busted out the Purell afterwords I know she did the right thing. I don’t think you really have to organize an event or make huge donations to make a difference in your community. She proved to me that if you change one persons outlook you are making a difference because they will then change the world around them just as you are.
    Why do I think she deserves an American Girl Doll at such a young age? She is growing up, and will need a friend around who has good moral values like hers when the world around her is scary and not altogether good, and what better friend to have than a doll who is just like her.
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..B U S Y =-.

  8. Leighann of D-Mom Blog says:

    I think my daughter is deserving because she is always thinking of doing for others. She has been quite distraught about the oil spill and I appreciate that American Girl is donating money to the NWF.

    This past week my daughter told me she came up with the solution. She wants to do chores for three whole weeks to earn money to send to the gulf so that they can buy supplies.

    If only it was that easy!
    .-= Leighann of D-Mom Blog´s last blog ..Type 1 Tuesday- Video Edition =-.

  9. Jennifer Reece says:

    I’m not from Nashville- both of my daughters- ages 8 and 5 (same as yours) love American Girl Doll and would show me how well they share if we won one!

    JAReece (twitter name)

  10. Jessica says:

    I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter. She is a beautiful, amazing girl who will help anyone who is in need of help. My husband and I are both active duty military members and we have to go away for deployments, training, etc quite often. So when other kids’ parents are deployed, etc, she knows what they are feeling, etc and will be there to listen to their worries/concerns or just there to give them a hug. She is also very into recycling and will pick up trash whenever she sees it on the ground. She also does very well in school and will help her little sister out whenever she needs it.

  11. Tanya Shilts says:

    My daughter would love to have an American doll. She is active in 4-H wcich is a group that is involved in community service projects. They have done a number of things to help the community over the past few years. She is also going to srart helping in children’s church in our church this month, she is just an all around American Girl.

  12. wendi manning says:

    Not from Nashville (wish is I was!!! LOL)
    But my 4 yr old is a bright little girl 😉 She helps her Sunday School teachers set everything out b4 Sunday School starts and then she helps them clean up everything. She is very kind and sweet and helps the other kids in her class. This is not only from what people have told me but I have seen her helpfulness. SHe is sooo eager wanting to help other people. She even gave the majority of her dolls’ clothes to some friends (because they are getting bitty twins for Christmas). Without a blink or being told to, she went through her dolls clothes and gave the mom a wal-mart bag filled with clothes shoes and hair accessories, so the girls can have a wardrobe for their dolls too. I really want to surprise her with this reward for being so big and thinking of others!!

  13. Lynne Hendrick says:

    My 5 year old daughter has been helping her community from the time she was three. She participates with me in a Community Brunch once a month at our church. Any one in the community is welcome to come and eat but we serve mostly the homeless and working poor of Virginia Beach. When she was 3, she would help set up the room and then go to child care and play while I served the brunch. Now that she is 5, she helps with set up (butter counting is her specialty) and she stays to serve the meal. When she needs a break she goes to a back room, near the kitchen, and draws pictures to give away to the guests. She is helping to fight hunger each month! She deserves a new doll for that!

  14. The Parsonage Family says:

    My daughter is only 17 months, so I might save it for her if I won, but the “deserving” girl I know and want to share about is probably too old for dolls! Molly is the 16-year old granddaughter of a family in our church, and she was in a horrible boating accident last summer. She lost a leg and suffered a lot of damage to her internal organs, leaving her on a colostomy bag for life (or at least until technology might advance to provide another fix). Despite all she’s been through–and of course she gets down sometimes too–she is a joyous, faithful inspiration to all her family and friends.

    –Jessica (in Nashville)
    .-= The Parsonage Family´s last blog ..Project Life July 5-July 12 =-.

  15. Anita says:

    I’m near Chattanooga. Is that close enough to Nashville? 🙂

    There’s an 11-yo girl I know who makes a difference in her community by being very active in Girl Scouts. She is very conscientious and mature.


  16. TAMMY says:


  17. Beth says:

    I am from the Nashville area.

    My 7 year old daughter asks when she goes in stores if they have places to donate change for charity. She has even committed to giving her allowance to charity. She helps in the community with her girl scout troop. She would love to win the doll. Thanks.

  18. Aislinn says:

    I would love to win a doll. I am helping my great aunt with clearing her house after her son was hospitalized with a stroke and am currently trying to help my hearing impaired friend adapt to being a middle schooler and love children. I have no younger siblings and american girl dolls are as close as i can get to having a sibling.Please choose me for an american girl doll giveaway recipient!

  19. Mary says:

    My 4-year-old daughter would LOVE this doll! We don’t live in Nashville but my daughter makes a difference by picking up litter and throwing it away or recycling it. We start ’em young! 😉
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..The Forest =-.

  20. Kat says:

    My 5 year old daughter is very geared toward helping others. We are big couponers at our house, and we always have a stock pile of extras that I’ve gotten free or almost free. My precious little girl helps me bag these items up to donate to a local food pantry. She knows that people who are in need and get help with buying food (food stamps, etc) do not recieve toothpaste, toilet paper, etc….so she is always happy knowing we are helping families in need!

  21. Soha Molina says:

    I nominate my daughter. She is a wonderful, beautiful person. She works very hard at school, is wonderful to her friends and is an example to her peers as far as the way she treats others. She always encourages her friends who might doubt themselves and takes under her wings those kids who are teased by others. I am very proud of the person my daughter is. She truly deserves to win an American Girl doll of her own as she embodies the spirit of The Shine on Now campaign.

  22. Liz says:

    My daughter is still young to be volunteering in her community but she is a great help to her mommy and brother. I would love her to have this to serve as a reminder to help others. This would be her first AG doll.

  23. Melissa Fresoni says:

    My daughter is 15 and she is my world. I would like to make hers better by her the one thing she has wanted for so very long! She has been around the neighborhood helping other kids and the mentally challenged. She helps animals at the shelters and volunteers to foster them. She has an American girl doll horse and she would love a doll to match her. She would create it’s own personality and bring it around everywhere with her (:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Melissa F.

  24. Donna Warrington says:

    My granddaughter is three years old and is a blessing to our family….her mom had three miscarriages before Carley was born. It was a very sad time in our family. But, after three years, she is our little angel, always smiling and very happy and smart for her age. Plus, she has an excellent memory so we try not to promise anything unless we can be sure the carry the promise through…if you know what I mean. Please include me and Carley into your giveaway.


  25. Donna Warrington says:

    I “like” Shine On Now on facebook and I left the following comment on their wall: I learned about American Girl

  26. Ryan says:

    My daughter, who is almost 5. She is such a kind girl with such a big heart. She is always hugging everyone. She loves animals and animals love her. She is a great friend and has the most beautiful soul. She helps the smaller kids, she participates in a Toys for Tots drive, she cheers up everyone with her silly smile!

  27. Brandi Long says:

    I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter, since I found out I was pregnant in Jan I have been sick and have had to spend a lot of time in bed. My daughter has picked up my slack, she helps her dad clean house and takes care of the pets, but above all she keeps her 4 year old brother entertained, helps him brush his teeth and get ready for bed. She reads his story to him and tucks him in. She is a great big sister and I am thankful for her everyday.

  28. Stephanie Spanos says:

    Jamie, the team at American Girl cannot express how much we appreciate your support as a Parent Partner for Shine On Now. We hope your daughter got the chance to start donating her ‘stars’! Thank you!
    – Stephanie Spanos, American Girl

  29. Christy Crosby says:

    I would like to enter my 7 year old Emily Grace. She has such a giving spirit! She is always having bake sales and lemonade stands to raise money for others, whether it be Compassion International kids, mosquito nets for kids in Africa, she is always thinking of others. We are a host home to an Orphans Choir from Uganda for a week every couple of years and she is always giving away all her stuff to them 🙂 thanks for the great giveaway! I live in Clarksville TN about an hour north of Nashville…. CC

  30. Tiaras & Tantrums says:

    not from Nashville –

    I am the head of the recycling committee at my children’s school and my daughter is my “assistant”. She helps me each week sorting through all the HUGE garbage bags FULL of cookie wrappers, candy wrapper, chip wrapper, juice pouches, cracker wrappers, & plastic food tubs. Putting them into their appropriate boxes and then we take the boxes to UPS and she will help me carry in all the boxes to ship to Terracycle for recycling efforts to help our planet AND benefit our school! Where ever we are, she knows now what wrapper products can be recycled and will tell an absolute stranger what to do with them!
    .-= Tiaras & Tantrums´s last blog ..Ouch! My Uterus hurts! =-.

  31. Amanda T says:

    I am not from Nashville.

    My little girl is my big helper: with her little brother, with chores. I think that this doll would really grow with her.

  32. Mary says:

    I and my late hubby operated and own a food pantry that gives food and etc to the less fortunate in our communnity.Since his passing my granddaughter has stepped in and helped by stocking shelves…filling up bags…and helping to the food to the ppls cars and she goes on the deliveries to help taking to the elderly.She also donates her allowances to help buy so of the much needed food.Recently she was on a carnival ride and her 22 month old brother fell out as the ride was going and she unselfishly aloud her self to be drugged around as she was holding his face up from getting hurt.She always put others first…..

  33. Cathy M says:

    My 8 yr old daughter volunteers to teach and model social skills to children with autism, because her big brother has autism. She is incredibly patient and understanding, and finds ways to reach the kids through songs, games, and just sitting quietly beside them. She volunteers with autism sibling support groups and shares her feelings about having a brother with autism who cannnot communicate nor care for himself. She is an amazing open, loving and giving child who would probably choose to share or donate this doll if she won! Thank you for an opportunity to honor and recognize her contributions to making the world a better place for children with disabilities.

  34. Jill R. says:

    The little girl in my life that deserves an American Girl Doll is five year old, Hannah. Hannah was a student in my pre-k class last year. Hannah has suffered from a condition that makes her susceptible to high fevers and siezures since she was an infant. She currently is a patient at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with an infection from an unknown source. Hannah’s father passed away when she was 3 years old. Her mother is valiantly raising Hannah, her brother, and her sister in the most loving Christian home. Hannah is a joy to be around and is a “princess” in every sweet sense of the word! She lives in the Nashville area.

  35. Kathy H. says:

    I would like to nominate Sarah Kail because she is the All American Girl herself. She loves dolls and is the BEST little Mommy to them. She’s just had to move to a new town/ new daycare and maybe it would be a comfort to her.

  36. Christy Suter says:

    I am a special needs preschool teacher. I have a classroom for children age 3-5 with disabilities. We always have a few “typical” students who are there to be good models for our children with special needs. The last two years I have had the priviledge of having Sidda in my classroom. She is the most amazing litttle girl because she reaches out to the students with disabilities and does her best to get them involved in play time or other classroom activities. I have never met another little girl like her, she is the most compassionate and selfless child I have ever met (and I have two children of my own:). She sees the kids for who they are and appreciates them whether they have a physical disability or are unable to communicate very well. I think she deserves a special gift, because she truly is a special little girl. She is going to be starting Kindergarten in the fall and we will greatly miss her in our classroom.

  37. Colleen Grier says:

    I would like to nominate my twin daughters to share the doll. They are both amazing girls. Both help out a lot with their younger brother who has autism. They are extremely patient and understanding with him. They share in my excitement when he says new words or handles a difficult situation well. They are very proud of their little brother. The other reason I am nominating them is my Daughter Maura was diagnosed at the age of 6 with Chiari Malformation. This condition has caused daily headpain, visual and balance issues, Blood pressure and heart rate issues and even after 2 brain surgeries she got all of her symptoms back. This condition is so tough on her that she can not attend school anymore and just playing with friends can make her pain worse. Running and jumping are definately out. This would be a great surprise for them to share and play with together while laying in bed. Yes I am sure there may be an argument here or there but they really do love each other so much and share really well(most of the time). My Daughters Names are Maura and Tara and they live in Delaware.

  38. Wendi says:

    I am in Nashville.

    7 year old daughter has Celiac Disease. She is an advocate for herself and others when it comes to Celiac awareness.

    During the recent Nashville flood, she baked gluten free food for famliies that were displaced and unable to prepare their own food. She also helped me with laundry of flood victims. Each bag of clean clothes we returned, she put a picture she had colored and a toy of her own on top to cheer another child up. All 3 of our children have been such great community volunteers during this time. They are so selfless. We were already proud of them.

  39. Laurel Milam says:

    Hi, I’m not from the Nashville area. I have two daughters, & they are really beginning to enjoy the American Girl bks. They are also good about picking up trash & helping me w/ various tasks. I think either one of them would enjoy having an American Girl doll.

  40. Jeane says:

    Three years ago, my son and his wife became part of the inaugural committeed that started Walk Now for Autism, Sacramento. As a result, our whole circle of family and friends have become involved. They have raised over $500,000 for Autism research. Our next Walk is in early October! Can

  41. Jennie Rae says:

    I would like to nominate my grand-daughter Sage. Her family lives in Nashville.

    After the floods this year, the whole family helped out elderly church members who just were besides themselves with what to do and where to start. Sage was so sweet to so many of these people. Sometimes just a hug and a pat on the back, saying, “It’s going to be okay. Daddy and his friends will help.” Even when you are only seven. Some of these people lost everything in their home. Unbelievable. It’s a blessing what a little help from friends can do for a person!

  42. Jessie says:

    My 5 year old is on her way to being a very giving person. For the past 3 years we have participated in the Kids Walk during Relay for Life. The first year I gave her the money but the 2nd year she helped me pick out toys to sell as a way to raise money. We did the same this year but her sister also participated and picked out a few of her toys as well. It makes me feel good that she is willing to do this for such a great cause. Last year she wanted to cut her hair for Locks of Love. An older child that I babysit for did it the year prior but it stuck with my oldest and when she turned 4 that is what she decided to do. Lastly, there is a wonderful homeless man who sits by our exit on the highway. My daughter reminds me to bring a water or protein bar in case he is out there for us to give him. She makes me very proud!
    home at thelucaszoo dot com
    .-= Jessie´s last blog ..Our 6-Pack =-.

  43. Angela Hipp says:

    There are some very inspiring little girls out there. My daughter inspires me everyday with her energy and loving spirit. She loves to play with the neighborhood kids and organizes them into doing plays and activities. She would love one of these dolls. Thanks.

  44. Michele Flaherty says:

    My daughter just turned four years old. She sang in church today and helped with the offering. She has come to me spontaneously several times and asked if she could give a special toy to one of her visiting friends. She loves to meet new people and play with anyone and everyone. I am so proud of her open and welcoming spirit. While she is still a little young to participate in many organized volunteer organizations, we are working in that direction. Every year we ask her friends to donate art supplies to the local moms club ( instead of bringing presents. She has visited the local animal shelter to play with animals and love them for a few minutes, so they are not alone all day.

    Her most recent obsession is telling everyone that they are THE BEST mom, dad, friend, or

  45. marybeth i says:

    We are not overly involved in community activities but we do try to promote recycling – I try to teach my daughter’s the importance of responsibility for a greener planet.
    .-= marybeth i´s last blog ..Congrats =-.

  46. Geri@heartnsoulcooking says:

    I would have to say that my grand-daughter makes a difference in her community. She a sweetheart with a BIG heart. She always wants to help people. One day in are way home from picking her up from school we says a homeless person asking for money. She asked me to stop and give him money. I told her I only had some money for our visit to McDonalds. She said then give him that money, because he needs it more than we need McDonalds. So, we stop and give he the money and she was very happy about what she did.

  47. Laura says:

    My daughter is only 6 and has yet to get an American Girl doll. The way we help our community so far has been, she has donated about 60 books to our local library, and we clean our toys and donate them to many charities in our area! She is learning how to give instead of recive, it makes me very proud.

  48. Velvet Hubler says:

    My daughter is well deserving of this doll she is constantly helping out our neighbors with all kinds of chores voluntarily and asks for nothing in return.

  49. Jill R. From Nashville says:

    Briana is a precious 5 year old girl that I fell in love with the first day she walked into my classroom! Her family doesn’t have the resources most families have, but her love for school and learning will take this little girl places when she grows up! She always has a hug…and some surprise kisses…for the teachers, and her dad told me that she cried for a week when school let out in May because, “No one would take her to school anymore!” Precious little girl…and soooo deserving of an American Girl Doll!

  50. Kelly says:

    I think a girl in my hometown in PA is very deserving, she donated all of her presents from her fifth birthday party to the local food pantry/resource center after she learned that a girl in her elementary school class had very little and her family was losing their house. The resource center held an auction and raised much-needed money for the family to pay off some of their bills. It was only about $1,000, but these types of things do make a difference in people’s lives!

  51. Carrie W. says:

    I encourage by 9 year old daughter to give by taking her to serve in soup kitchens regularly. Also, she has a piggy bank that is separated into three sections. One is for spending, one is for saving and one is for tithing to a church or charity. All money she gets; bday, allowance, etc. gets separated into threes. She really enjoys this process and is starting to understand the value of money.

    Not from Nashville

  52. Stacy says:

    I would nominate my 4 year old daughter for this because she is always helping everyone that she can whetherr at home, schooling, a the store or at church. She is alwys cleaning her room and wting to give her toys to other kids that she thinks may not have any.

  53. Michele Flaherty says:

    I would like to nominate my four year old daughter. She sang in church today and helped with the offering. She has come to me spontaneously several times and asked if she could give a special toy to one of her visiting friends. She loves to meet new people and play with anyone and everyone. I am so proud of her open and welcoming spirit. While she is still a little young to participate in many organized volunteer organizations, we are working in that direction. Every year we ask her friends to donate art supplies to the local moms club ( instead of bringing presents. She has visited the local animal shelter to play with animals and love them for a few minutes, so they are not alone all day.

    Her most recent obsession is telling everyone that they are THE BEST mom, dad, friend, or

  54. Lauren says:

    Hi. I’m Lauren (

    The girl that I would give the doll to is my daughter. (I know, I know – I bet all the moms say that.) My daughter is named Norrah. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome of which there is no cure, not medicine, no fix. Her prognosis and that of other kids with her syndrome is very rare.

    But, Norrah is doing amazingly well. She is talking, beginning to walk with a walker, eating orally and enjoying life (all things that we were told she probably would never do). Norrah was diagnosed with a heart defect, kindey defect and epilepsy and yet she is joyful at all times and conquers one hurdle after another. She is an inspiration. I know that her life has already inspired and given hope to numerous parents of kids with her same syndrome and I am sure that she will continue to inspire and bring home over the years and she perserveres and proves the medical community wrong.

    I would love a doll for her. She loves dolls right now and shouts HI at them expecting them to shout it back, I think. (She also LOVES hair and so I thought it would be so nice to give her a doll with “real” hair.)

  55. Brandy says:

    My little princess would love to have a doll just like her. She helps mommy to remember to recycle and actually chews me out when I drive to the store. She tells me how I make the clouds sick. She’s five and going green already.

  56. amanda says:

    There are a lot of little girls that deserve a doll. I am entering for my daughter, Sabrina. She is an amazing person who really works to be the best that she can be, despite obstacles that come her way. She is a blessing to have around, an amazing daughter, sister, student. She loves playing with her brother while I work at home, I don’t know what I would do without her!

  57. Katie says:

    My little girl is 6 and she is an amazing little girl. She is very outgoing, caring , and she has a very good heart. On Wednesday nights she helps out at our churches soup kitchen handing out napkins and utensils. She is also a Girl Scout and she and her troop are always looking for ways they can help our community!!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Free Backpack From Staples =-.

  58. Trish Rowell says:

    Wow what a great program that American Girl is doing. I would love to win this for my 8 year old daughter. She is such a strong girl. My husband is in the Army and on his 3rd Deployment this year. My daughter is going into 3rd grade and is starting yet another new school this year making it number 4. She always takes change with a smile on her face. My husband will not be her and has never been home for her first day of school. She helps me with her sister while my husband is gone. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  59. Brooke Jones says:

    My daughter would love an American Girl Doll. She has never had one and would absolutely love it!

  60. Annie says:

    I would love to win this for an adorable little girl with a caring and giving spirit whom loves american girl. It would be so wonderful for her to see that God blesses those whom bless others. In visiting her grandmother in the hospital she gave her doll to a sick little girl because she didn’t want her to be lonely…

  61. Gale Starnes says:

    I would love to win one of these for my granddaughters to play with at my house. I think these dolls are so beautiful, and they represent all the qualities I want my granddaughters to embrace in their lives. Thank you for a truly WONDERFUL giveaway!!

  62. MJ says:

    I’m not from Nashville, but I would love to win this for my daughter. I want this kind of role model for her, one that inspires caring for others instead of outshining them with cool stuff…

  63. Paula Caudill says:

    My little sweetheart loves feeding and taking care of all the stray cats and kittens in our neighborhood. She is a A student and she loves these dolls!!! It would be wonderful if I could win one for my little sweetheart. 🙂 Thank you.

  64. The Gaertegang says:

    My three year old is all about getting an American Girl Doll! She is the youngest of three BIG brothers…that in itself makes her deserving I think…smile! She just got the latest copy of their magazine and has been showing it to everyone who will look at it!

    The only thing that she has done to make a difference in other people lives is that she helped me to sew a quilt that was donated to sick children in area hospitals. She literally sits on my lap with her hands on top of mine and we sew together. I think it’s important even at such a young age to get idea of serventhood to others ingrained into their way of thinking.

    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  65. Heather Smith says:

    My Emma is only 3, but is very helpful with her 2 year old brother. I am hoping as she grows this will spread to other areas of her life!

  66. Tracy Bua Smith says:

    3 out of 4 of my children are girls and they all love American Girl dolls! My girls love to help others and take care of animals in our community. Recently, our friend’s dog was overheated and dehydrated during our nature walk in the woods and my oldest daughter stayed by the dog’s side when he couldn’t walk anymore from exhaustion. My daughter helped get water to cool the dog down until he was able to get back on his feet without shaking. My daughters also help me feed the hungry by making meat and cheese sandwiches with me once a month. We then deliver these sandwiches to a medical outreach clinic in our area. The sandwiches are for the patients who are at this clinic in the evening at supper time.

  67. Deb K says:

    I am writing this for my granddaughter Haley~She is 9 years old and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen.She loves animals and will do anything to help take care of them and save them.She just moved into a new house and she wants to put flyer’s on all the neighbor’s doors with pets so she can walk them or take care of them when they go out of town.I forgot to tell you that she has 2 dogs of her own but she still wants to help more.She wants to be a Vet when she grows up and I am sure that is what she will be.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win~We are outside of your area.

  68. Daisy says:

    Hello, I am entering this contest for my little sister (she’s 8). She’s always dreamed of having an American Girl doll and has already read most of the American Girl doll books (like the Kirsten and Samantha books), but the problem is my family is very poor and we barely have enough money for rent and food so the only toys my sister has are either hand-me-downs or from thrift stores. Even though were poor, my sister has always loved helping out other little kids in need (maybe because she can sympathize with them). She might be young, but she always finds a way to try and help out other little kids in need in our community by either donating clothes she helps my mom sow (she tells my mom we need to sow clothes for the kids in need because their cold and need something to wear) or cans of food. This touches my heart so much and I really want to suprise her for her birthday, which is coming up next month, with an American Girl doll. I really hope I win this contest for my little sister so I can put a smile on her face just like she helps put smiles on other little kids’ faces. Also, I wanted to say thank you for giving little kids out there, who might not be able to afford an American Girl doll, a chance to win one.

  69. Zanna B. says:

    Our daughter would love this American Girl doll. She lost her two year old sister in an accident and it’s changed who she is. Our other children never got to meet their sister, but our oldest was 4 at the time and still misses her. The American Girl dolls are so much more than dolls. My daughter loves the books, but has never owned a doll, as we haven’t been able to afford one. Thank you for the entry and chance to win.

  70. Sabrina Lawrence says:

    My daughter would love to win this. She is really into helping our community through her work with 4H.

  71. PJ Rosen says:

    My 6 year old little girl would love this 🙂 She has been growing her hair forever (no trims even!) and has an appointment next week to have it cut for Locks of Love. She has been saving up all of her allowance for an American Girl. I talked her into an Our Generation doll but they have no more with brown hair until November as per the manufacturer.
    .-= PJ Rosen´s last blog ..For Hosh – =-.

  72. Ellen says:

    USA (not Nashville)
    I would nominate my niece. She is 10 and volunteers at the local food bank in her hometown. When she come and visits me, she volunteers with me too. She is an amazing kid, and it would take a book to tell you how great she is!

  73. Natalie Jane says:

    My little daughter would love her first American Doll. We live about 90 minutes away from Nashville. Lydia is such a huge help to me. After her baby brothers birth, mommy (me) slipped into a pretty deep postpartum depression. She took it on herself to take care of mommy and help in anyway she could. Sometimes I am amazed she is only 4 when I see the help she is to be during a difficult time.

  74. Rachel Fairchild says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate our girls! Thank you for letting us know about this great way to get our little ones excited about volunteering.
    My daughter is almost 6 and loves American Girl. Her cousin has 2 dolls and when she came to visit this summer, they played and played with those dolls and took them to tea. I can’t say that my dd has done anything spectacularly generous, but she does look out for her friends. Recently she told me that she wanted to give her Madeline doll to her friend Maddie because she doesn’t have a doll and that doll has the same name. So we’re packing up Madeline today. I know she would love to love an American Girl doll. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  75. Amanda says:

    I want to nominate my daughter. She is three, and almost four, and just getting into playing with the ‘big girl’ dolls like American Girl! I used to love to play with my American Girl dolls as a child, and I’m looking forward to playing with them together! She is beautiful inside and out 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway! Amanda
    amanda31gifts (at) gmail (dot) com

  76. Jessica T says:

    I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter. She is a beautiful, amazing girl who will help anyone who is in need of help. My husband and I are both active duty military members and we have to go away for deployments, training, etc quite often. So when other kids’ parents are deployed, etc, she knows what they are feeling, etc and will be there to listen to their worries/concerns or just there to give them a hug. She is also very into recycling and will pick up trash whenever she sees it on the ground. She also does very well in school and will help her little sister out whenever she needs it. She’s also involved with numerous projects such as Backpacks for Love and Toys for Tots.

  77. Christie says:

    I’m in Cincinnati, which is just a day’s drive away from Nashville! 🙂 🙂 Doesn’t that make me Nashville “area”?

    I’d love to give this to my 6 year old niece. After wanting a REAL American Girl doll, she settled for a fake from Target as the real ones are a bit more expensive. She said “It’s ok, I can love this one just as much” But I’d love to reward her thankfulness for what we are able to afford with a real doll!

  78. Rebekah says:

    I would LOVE to win one of these for my daughter. My step-daughter has one of these dolls and is always telling my daughter about it. The look of disappointment on my daughters face breaks my heart because these dolls are out of my budget. Please enter me to win. I am in PA, so, not in the Nashville area. Thanks!


  79. Angela W says:

    My daughter makes a difference in the community by donating her gently used toys and clothes to the local battered women’s shelter. She will only be four in November, but she understands that by sharing her stuff, it will benefit another child that doesn’t have clothes and toys of their own. 🙂

  80. Beckee says:

    My 7-year-old daughter makes a difference in her school community by being kind and loving to all the kids-even those that are teased by others. She is kind and loving to all and I am aleays impressed with her! It has been noticed and appreciated at school by her principal and teachers and I am so proud of her. I am sadly not in Nashville…
    .-= Beckee´s last blog ..New blog design by Saras Pixel Design =-.

  81. jamie says:

    The girl I would like to nominate has a huge heart of gold. She enjoys helping and playing with the younger kids at the child care center. She would drop anything to help someone. Through her Girl Scouts group and her 4-H group she has had the chance to reach out to others in our community and learn how amazing it is to help others. Her interests include music, horses, books, and making movies. She is a beautiful person and I am very proud to call her my daughter.

  82. Paula Hafner says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter who is 10. She is active in our church and Bible club. She’s always the first to befriend any visitors and rarely meets a stranger. This summer she’s befriended a relative of the neighbor’s who is visiting for the summer. It doesn’t bother her that he mainly speaks Spanish and she speaks very little. They’ve still became fast friends.

    She’s also a help around the house and a big help with her little brother. She’s really big on making sure we compost everything possible. She’s also appointed herself in charge of recycling in our house. She’s a really good kid who would love an American Girl Doll.

  83. tina reynolds says:

    I think my daughter is a very sweet little girl who would love this, she so helpful and fun to be around she has a heart of gold, I could not be more proud of her thanks for the chance to win

  84. Lauren says:

    My 5 year old daughter likes to help me out with finding coupons in the store, I am an avid boarderline psychotic couponer. We donate the things we can get for free or dirt cheap to the food pantry and people that we know that need things like food and shampoo ect. I love that she helps me out so much with finding the coupons she tends to spot ones I do not always see. I also think she is deserving of an American Girl doll because she is such a wonderful big sister to her 2 younger siblings, she has a 3 year old brother who she sometimes does not want to play little boy games with but does it anyway to make him happy and she has a 6 month old baby sister and when the baby was born she was awesome about playing with her little brother so that I could nurse the baby and now that the baby is getting bigger she loves helping out with feeding her baby food and helps out by playing with her when I need to do things like make dinner. We are getting ready to move and have some big changes in our life coming up in the next few weeks and she has been very understanding when we tell her that we are moving and since she is moving away from her friends I know it will be hard on her.

  85. Angela Robinson says:

    I am NOT in the Nashville area.

    I would give this to my 7 year old daughter. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy and could really use this surprise to brighten her day. Starting a new school year is so hard. What’s really neat is how she prays for everyone she knows with any type of sickness or disability.

  86. Stacey says:

    My niece would love an American Girl doll. Her father is in the Army and is currently in Iraq. It’d be a wonderful surprise to put a smile on her face.

    Even though she misses her father, she still donates her time to her library and donates gently used clothes and toys to the Children’s Hospital and Salvation Army.

  87. Tamra says:

    I would love for my daughter to win this! She is always thinking of others and willing to help with any church, school or family service or fundraiser. She loves to make others happy and is very kind to her sisters!

  88. ryan says:

    My 6 year old would love this doll! She is always drawing pictures for me or her grandparents and it really brightens my day. She is very thoughtful.

  89. Nancye Davis says:

    I would like to nominate my 6 year old daughter, Rachel. Rachel is a sweet little girl who has a tender heart. She can’t stand to see someone hurting or suffering, especially me. I had an accident 3 years ago which resulted in a nerve disorder that has made me unable to walk and keeps me in pain 24/7/365. Rachel is always beside me to help in any way she can. She holds doors for me so I can maneuver in my wheelchair. She picks up things I have dropped, gets the mail for me, brings me snacks, takes care of the dog, and the list goes on and on and on. She comforted me when I had to retire from teaching after 14 years. She told me: “Even if you can’t go to your big school and teach the kids there, you can always teach me at home. See, you are still a teacher, my teacher.” What words of wisdom! I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have this beautiful young lady as my daughter!She is definitely deserving of an American Girl Doll!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  90. christina says:

    i am hoping to win one for my friends little girl she is 9 and i would like to give her a very ballasted b-day i missed her b-day i came back yesterday from Madagascar!!! her b-day was in feb and that was a long time but i just need an american girl doll for her!!!

  91. Rachel davis says:

    I would love to win an American girl doll giveaway! I think they are really neat. Thanks
    for the chance!!

  92. avery says:

    wow that so nice i have a american girl doll i have 2 but i think you are doing a great job thanks have a great and good day bye now. oh and happy new year woo hoo!!!!

  93. Erica W. says:

    i really wish i could make a bigger difference. But my girls helps me
    around the house, when her sister makes their room
    messy, all she
    can do is clean it up. Cleaning the house is what im usally doing, and my girls really help me! And help me with the younger kids. Together, with their friends,
    the girls had sleepovers to make baby blankets to donate.
    They help our church and in the future they want to help at our local animal shelter!
    So i think Erica ( the older girls dont care for dolls) would be pleased by the doll, she has been asking for one and her birthday is in two months.

  94. JenniferJones says:

    Please, I would like to pick my 9 year old girl, Anna beacause we don’t evan have enough to get her a rabbit for 10 dollars, or pay her alowance! She has read American Girl cataloges her whole life! She’d be excided to have a doll, and i would thank you a milllon thank beacause we barly have money now to buy Christmas presant! Are only hope is to raise us some money. ) “

  95. Octavia says:

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