Recipe For Relaxation

My youngest daughter Miss A has always been a bit mischievous. When she was 2 she’d charm us with her big brown eyes and we’d get distracted by her cavernous dimple of cute .

I couldn’t take my eyes off her for a nanosecond, especially when out in public.

Three years ago we drove down to Florida for our summer family vacation and met my dad and stepmother for dinner at a beachside restaurant with a beautiful deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and sugar white beaches. Slipping into a more relaxed latitude and attitude, I took my eyes off our daughter for just a few seconds while talking to my stepmom and then jolted back to reality when I realized my little girl wasn’t sitting by me. I looked up only to find her toddling around the deck, wielding a fork, and headed straight for an electrical outlet on the raised platform area of the deck where local bands played under the stars each night.

During that moment of sheer panic I mustered up all my super human mom powers and swooped her up just as she was heading for the exposed outlet. I was fighting off a nervous breakdown, while she was laughing. She had no idea what could have happened. Thank God for deodorant.

Taking our kids out to dinner is no longer a recipe for disaster. Now that my girls are 8 and 5 the only super human mom powers I must conjure up involve self-restraint as I talk myself down from that huge chocolate dessert on the menu.

One of our favorite restaurants to eat at with our kids is Chili’s. Chili’s has a great new online destination called We Prep, You Play which features a Mommy’s Survival Guide with all sorts of great practical tips to ensure dining out with your family gives you a well-deserved break, not a nervous breakdown. We love their appetizers, from skillet queso to Southwestern eggrolls, their healthy entrées and salads, and their amazing selection of burgers and sandwiches.

Do you need a vacation from cooking this summer? Visit and join in on this conversation: “What’s the MOST fun you’ve ever had with your kids?” Just for commenting you’ll be entered to win a $200 gift card to Chili’s!

Disclosure: This post is the last in a three-part series this summer sponsored by Chili’s. They provided my family with a gift card so we can enjoy a relaxing dinner out on them and take a break from cooking.


  1. jos says:

    oh gawd, if i have a kid who does that, i might just pee a little in my pants let alone require deodorant. cheers to you Super Mommy! you deserve the chocolate cake

  2. Lisa says:

    Just came across your website, and hope to visit often.
    Love your articles. Keep up the great work, and all the best!

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  3. Jenny from Mommin' It Up says:

    Taking my daughter out is still a disaster…can’t wait til she’s older! Of course now I’m having another one, so….it might be awhile. But I LOVES me some CHILI’s! Gotta get back there soon!
    .-= Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog ..Immersion =-.

  4. James says:

    When I’m out with my family I like to try and share foods that the entire family enjoys. This creates more conversation and usually but not always less miss behaving.

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