No One Puts Baby In The Corner

Don’t mess with the dress. Or in this case, the sassy sequined disco hat

Miss A starts kindergarten in August. Don’t get me started. There WILL be tears. Even though I swear by the end of the summer I’ll be worn thin from each “MOMMY she pinched me!” and “MOMMY I’m bored!” I will be a definite hodge podge of emotions the first day of school as all the milestones of the past 5 years rush before my eyes like a movie sequence.

Where does the time go?

I have no doubt that Miss A will adjust without a hiccup to school but there is one worrisome thing that keeps fidgeting with my mama brain.

Miss A has trouble pronouncing certain letters, like R and L, and although she is 5 going on 15 her speech sometimes makes her sound younger than she is. I brought this up with her pediatrician at her 4-year annual checkup last year and he was not concerned as the letters and sounds she has trouble enunciating is a fairly common issue for kids her age. I’m sure I’ll bring it up again this year. She has made some improvements, though, and her teachers at daycare worked with her on practicing particularly tough phrases.

Earlier this year she told me that some kids in her class had made fun of the way she talked. I wrote down what she said because it was so classic Miss A.

“Miss A,” I began carefully. “What did you say to them?”

She paused for a second and said:

“Mommy I told them I DON’T talk funny! That’s just the way I was made…do you LIKE it?

Last week at the pool I watched her put her hands on her hips and shout at two older boys: “Watch out boys. You are GOING DOWN!” in the middle of a water fight.

At this point I have no worries about her confidence level. In fact, I kind of wish I had some of it.


  1. balisha says:

    I worked so hard trying to encourage my daughter to be independent. She is ‘so’ independent right now in her life. Much more than her mother. Little kids can be so mean…Miss A seems to handle it just right. You go girl!
    .-= balisha´s last blog ..What Are We Doing to Our World? =-.

  2. Beth says:

    I feel the same way about one of my daughters. I have twins who are both speech delayed but one is more so than the other. She has been in speech therapy for 7 years and has made major strides but still has issues with “s” and “r”. I would advise that you seek a speech therapy consult – it is probably no big deal, but also easier to deal with the earlier they start to work on it. My daughter’s sessions are during school so it is very convenient. Good luck – she’s adorable!

  3. Jessica says:

    She will be terrific. My 9-yr-old (going into 4th grade) said his ‘s’ sound incorrectly for years. We fretted and fretted about it. I heard the same thing at well-child checkups, and finally had a lengthy online discussion w/ my friend in another state who is a speech therapist. She told me (in a super-short version ahead) these sounds (s, r, l, particularly) are such common mispronunciations and we really don’t need to pay any attention to it until closer to 8-9. Sometime during the last year, the mispronunciation dissapeared, almost without our noticing! I’m sure it will be the same for Miss A.

  4. Linda Sullivan says:

    You tell me about it Jessica. My nephew too had trouble pronouncing closely related sounds. I dunno if the constant exposure to books and to educational shows helped but it eventually disappeared!

    I’m so happy for Ms. A. What a confident little lass she’s becoming 😀

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