Just Add Water

Here’s a little Slip ‘N Slide summer fun hack for you. If you add a little bit of baby shampoo to the Slip ‘N Slide surface it makes it even more slippery. Don’t blame me, though, if you have an involuntary ovarian twitch or three because your kids smell like freshly bathed bald headed baby goodness.

You know it’s summer in Middle Tennessee when it’s only 88 degrees but it feels like 108.

We spent a good ten hours at the pool this weekend. I feel like it’s my duty as some point to write a PSA about the vast differences in getting ready for an afternoon at the pool pre-kids and post-kids as sort of birth control for those who think parenting is a breeze. Miss C is quite a good swimmer but Miss C hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet, although she is a fantastic swimmer under water. She is also as stubborn as a mule and somehow manages to strategically kick me in the groin or shin every time we get in the pool. Still, we’re long removed from the swim diapers days and I can actually relax when hubby is with us because we don’t both have to be in the water at all times with the girls. It’s difficult to relax, though, when you’re on your lounge chair next to a tattooed woman spraying tan amplifying oil all over herself. I was in disbelief. I felt like I was having a flashback to my dad’s houseboat on the lake in 1985.

Speaking of summer fun, I’ve posted a giveaway for an ecoaquarium and two African Dwarf Frogs from Wild Creations on my review blog. These are great small, low maintenance pets. They don’t bark to be let out at 4:30 a.m. every other #*@$% day.

In case you’re wondering, yes we still have crabs.


  1. Kaye says:

    Looks like they had a blast! Slip n Slide is always fun! Looking forward to ours at camp this year. We use a ton of Baby Shampoo – like 30 industrial size bottles on a hay tarp. Major fun for hours!
    .-= Kaye´s last blog ..The Cake =-.

  2. lifeinapinkfibro says:

    I’m sitting here in my freezing office wearing a jacket and two pairs of socks and – yes – I’m jealous. We can’t do slip n slide down here in Oz anymore – water restrictions in summer pretty much put paid to that. We’re not the driest continent on earth for nothing… But I used to love my slip n slide. And kids running under sprinklers are exempt from the restrictions (true fact).
    .-= lifeinapinkfibro´s last blog ..There’s a bear in there… somewhere. =-.

  3. Nathan says:

    It’s amazing how much fun kids can have with just a little water. They had a slip and slide like this at my nieces birthday party and it kept everyone one of those kids entertained for hours on end.

  4. Amy says:

    I think I’m going to have to give in and get one of those! I like the shampoo idea. Cam still uses is to wash his hair. It is goodness! 🙂

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