Fabulous Afternoon At The Lake: There’s No App For That

Sometimes you need to unplug and leave your iPhone at home.

Tennessee girls are afraid of neither worms nor fish nor the wind blown look. (Pictures courtesy of hubby’s Crackberry with a little artsy coloring by me on Picnik.)

You need to remember what it’s like to wait out an afternoon thunderstorm while your girls squeal with delight over the fish they catch at the boat dock with the help of their daddies.

You need to laugh as you watch your daughters go tubing for the first time and love it so much that they don’t want to stop.

You need to roll your eyes every time your girls sing the same Taylor Swift lyrics repeatedly over the hum of the boat and be thankful when you all agree on a little Buffett or Jack Johnson or Bob Marley because one can only tolerate You Belong To Mee-eee-eee so many times.

You need to relish a cheeseburger in paradise with old friends, even if  that paradise for the day is a just a Tennessee lake.

You need to end the day by watching the sun set, setting the horizon ablaze in pink and orange.

You need to glance in the darkened back seat to see your girls dozing, flip-flop clad feet peeking from beneath a beach towel, drowsy in that happy tired one only experiences after a day on the water.


  1. Jamie says:

    It was awesome. The girls stayed with our parents Sunday night so we had some pool time sans kids yesterday and THAT was awesome, too.

    Now I want to go to the beach but today? I’m back at work. Boo!

  2. Lori McCauley says:

    I used to embarrass my children singing along to “Cheeseburger in Paradise” on the drive to school, and my husband and I still have the same worn cassette tape. Since none of our cars have tape players anymore but our boat does (we’re a boating family, too) we also listen to Buffet on-board.
    .-= Lori McCauley´s last blog ..College essentials =-.

  3. Blonde Mom says:


    Buffett rules on the water! (and in summer period)

    My husband has a CD of a live Buffett album from the late 1970s..You Had to Be There…it is our favorite right now. Very old school, pre-Margaritaville Cafe days. 😉

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