The New Normal

We’re still drying out in Nashville. After dropping off Miss C at school this morning traffic slowed to a crawl on Highway 100 and I realized I was stuck momentarily on a bridge that just last week was filmed engulfed in the Harpeth River by local news helicopters.

Friends of ours have been helping search for the body of a missing 39-year-old man from a nearby rural community.

Soccer has been cancelled indefinitely since our league fields were under 20 feet of murky flood water and goals were tangled high in tree limbs.

One of my friends from soccer e-mailed me Tuesday to say their electricity had just come back on. Her neighborhood was devastated, but her home, like ours,  is on an elevated lot and had no damage. You feel guilty to admit that in the midst of such turmoil, that your life was minimally impacted.

Still, life goes on and people are helping in any way they can, from washing clothes for displaced families to tearing out drywall. Nashville schools are back in session, our community picnic is this Saturday, and my office remains open, as does my husband’s business (he had one employee who lost his home and car in the flood.)

Welcome to the new normal in Nashville. As I walked down my street last night I saw beautiful spring flowers and freshly mowed vibrant green lawns, but I know that just around the bend there have been homes damaged and lives shattered. Still, we are showing the world the beauty of community as we help our neighbors who are hurting.

As I’ve written over at Deep South Moms, “It is a surreal state of life must go on, punctuated with stories of devastation and rebuilding.”

p.s. A big, BIG shout out to Subway restaurants for donating $200 worth of gift cards for flood victims. I had recently done a promotion with them on my review blog and they immediately responded to my e-mail request for gift card donations. I am giving them to our elementary school to distribute as we had several families, as well as teachers, impacted. You can follow Subway on Twitter at @Subwayfreshbuzz.

Thanks also go out to SONIC who sent me $100 in gift cards for flood victims. You can follow SONIC on Twitter at @Sonicdrive_in


  1. Kathy says:

    My dad is in Nashville this week on a trip – he called me yesterday and was practically in tears describing the devastation caused by the floods. He said it was so sad to see the beautiful Opryland Hotel in darkness.

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