Sister Mercy Bossy Does Nashvegas

Nashville Bossy Dinner

(L-R) Malia, Tori from Baby Bloomr, Bossy reader Dina, the lovely blue-eyed Bossy, Rebecca from Tooth Whale, Me

(Back Row) Busy Mom, Bossy reader Kat

As a blogger I love it when you have the chance to step outside the draft post box on your computer and actually meet REAL LIFE bloggers in REAL LIFE color HD.

The hilarious blogger Bossy herself (Georgia Getz) made Nashville a stop on her spring No Book Tour and several of us got together Saturday night at Bosco’s in Hillsboro Village here in Nashville. Bossy is incredibly nice and down to earth. She also has amazing long-arm snap a picture of herself with her peeps skills, not to mention an obsession with buying URLS (me, too!)

I may or may not have cracked myself for going into Bosco’s and making reservations under the name…The Bossy Table.

The Bossy Table also included THE Mrs. Fussypants Alli Worthington of Blissfully Domestic fame but she had to leave early. I think she needed to tend to her action figure doll. What? You don’t have your own action figure doll?

Earlier that evening Bossy went with her new Nashville blogger BFFs Tori and Rebecca and Bossy reader Kat, and by Bossy reader I mean reader of Bossy and not someone prone to bossiness, to the Ryman to see Prairie Home Companion and she fell in love with the Ryman, like most people do, and the karma one feels enveloped in when you think of all the talent that has amassed in that great building. It’s kind of like a crazy quilt of emotion and appreciation and inspiration sprinkled with the occasional DAYUM these old wooden seats are unfortunately akin to really uncomfortable church pews. Not to mention you might feel the ghosts of beer swillin’ backstage honkey tonkin’ vibe past whooshing by.

I think Bossy needs to return to Nashville when she is not on this whirlwind tour with Harrison Ford as her sidekick (note: see Bossy’s blog to see if I mean THE Harrison Ford or perhaps, you know, I’m joking) so she can do downtown right and maybe hit some other Nashville must dos. And maybe do some beer swillin’!

Travel safely Bossy and stay Bossy!


  1. Jennifer says:

    I would love to come to Nashville one day. Of all the places I got to travel when I was auditing I never got to go to Nashville. Oh well, maybe one day.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Dramasode =-.

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