I See Bread, People

Last week I hit a fitness milestone. I completed the Shred Level I for the 30th time. It involved much sweating and grumbling but I did it. Oh and we won’t talk about how long it took me to do it 30 times. I didn’t say 30 consecutive times. Ahem. 

We have digital scales (thank GOD they do not talk or they’d long been tossed in a fit of PMS-fueled anger) that we bought almost exactly two years ago after a beach vacation. Something about walking around in our bathing suits for a week compelled us to make this purchase. I am now officially 5 pounds over the 5 pounds I wanted to lose when we purchased our digital scales in May 2008.

So much for will power!

This means I need to lose 10 pounds, for those of you mathematically challenged like me. Not a big number, but damn if this isn’t difficult. I’m looking at YOU leftover Easter candy.

Considering I am 40, hate to exercise, love to eat and drink, and have a desk job that involves exemplary skills in chair warming, I’m thankful I don’t need to lose even more weight. I actually tried to gain weight when I hit puberty. I think at my peak of skinny girl singleness in my mid-20s I weighed 107 pounds.

Uh, now? 107 is a radio station, not a weight range I recall seeing in 15 years or so.

Still, there is a pair of size 4 Old Navy capri jeans hanging in my closet and mocking me. I bought them the summer after I had Miss A in 2005 when I managed to get down to 113 pounds (yea) and had no problems at all getting into them. I can’t bring myself to donate them to Goodwill because I think I can squeeze into them again. Seriously, someone invent a pill that mimics the calories  your body burns while lactating. You’ll be a millionaire.

I’m not lactating (you’re welcome) so I’m trying to exercise more. In addition to the Shred DVD I’m trying to walk every chance I get. Sometimes the hubby will meet me at lunch at my office and we’ll walk on a trail at a local park. I’m trying to drink more water. I’m taking the steps at work. I’m avoiding fast food. I’m just trying to make smarter choices, although I’m not really officially on any type of diet. I’m also painfully aware that what I say in front of my girls sticks with them as Miss C recently looked at herself in the mirror and asked me if her butt was getting big. No I am not kidding, unfortunately. SOOOOO no more “diet” talk or “Gawd I’ve got to lose weight” talk from me. I do talk about staying in shape or working out or being fit, which is much more positive language.

I have lost two pounds this year and I’m certain I’ve lost some inches, although I’m lazy and have not taken measurements. I still see extra weight in my face in recent pictures, though, and I’m not happy about that.

I do see some definition in my waistline for the first time in a long time and that makes me pretty happy.

I’d love to lose another 2 pounds by the time is school is out May 27, also known as Come To Jesus Meeting With My Tankini Day since outdoor pools open Memorial Day weekend.

Baby steps people.

Baby steps AWAY from the bread basket.

And don’t you love how I’ve managed to avoid telling you exactly what exactly I currently weigh throughout this entire post?


  1. Leisa Hammett says:

    Commiserate. I’ve come here to commiserate and WARN all your 40 & younger blog readers. Listen sweethearts, I lost 30 on WW when I turned 40. That was 30 added to a body that has otherwise enjoyed a high metabolism but found food a nurturing source when my daughter was diagnosed with autism 13 years ago.

    I kept those suckers off for SEVEN years. Went to WW EVERY month. And then I met “The Fiance.” “The Fiance” aka gourmet cook, gourmand, foodie, etc. Before I knew it 10 pounds flew on and stuck around for two years. Then this fall I made friends with five more when I was publishing my first book. I actually made a conscious choice to nurture myself with food. It started with the day I was rear-ended–the day the book was to go to the printer, but didn’t. I had “The Fiance” order up a Big Mac. Gah! Least they could do is taste good. No more of that, but whatever I wanted, I munched. And then five more over thanksgiving holidays came to visit. And stayed. I may have said goodbye again to that last five with the last few weeks of intention. (I’m not working as hard as you physically.)

    I’m reading Oprah life coach Martha Beck’s The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace (she’s hilarious and research based & she’s a Ph.D. I love her–even bf the book — http://www.marthabeck.com/books.php). I put this here bc something you wrote reminded me of the book, which addresses our minds and why our “diets” don’t work. She encourages you to use any program you want but helps you with the mental pitfalls. Oh, yeah. It was the comment about will power. She says that’s a fallacy bc of our evolutionary wiring.

    So, to the age thing. I know that there’s something sinister-ly different now that I’m at the far end of 40. Something VERY different about all this at this end. So, listen: get it off now. Now, you hardly look like you have a problem to me, Jamie, but I do want to share with you and others my wake up call.

    I’ve been physically active and a whole foods consumer for more than 20 years, but sugar is my weakness. And no, I’m not going to talk about evils of the white stuff here except to share that when I hit, at a few months shy of 50, the extra 5 on top of the extra 10, I began to huff when I exercised. At 10 extra I began to get arthritic pain in my joints. My doctor gave me that log of what five pounds of fat looks and feels like and I understand why my body, esp. at this age, was beginning to have trouble. With 15 and 20 pounds–that are within my supposed range–but my wardrobe is limited and my self-image of myself smarts.

    It’s not just about Tankini’s. It’s about health. And, btw, “The Fiance” never force fed me sweets. I added the giant Starbucks cookies into my diet regularly,etc. And when I cut out that regular consumption of sugar crap–the arthritic joint thing? It went away. And I did a test. I brought it back when I got discouraged and didn’t see results on the scale to match the way I felt and looked. And the achies came back. Health. It’s about the health.

    Here’s to a good supply to all. Sorry for the long comment.
    .-= Leisa Hammett´s last blog ..April is Autism Awareness Month = 3 H2H Book Events =-.

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Leisa, thank you for the comment. I know I really have no “bidness” complaining about 10 pounds but I know that my metabolism has plummeted since hitting 40. I could tell a difference, actually at about age 38. I just had that spoiled skinny girl metabolism where I could chow down on a Big Mac and not worry about it. I laughed at calorie counting.

    Now I realize I am just way too damn sedentary. So for me, too, all kidding aside (a girl’s gotta joke about it or CRY) I just want to start excercising more…hell exercising AT ALL. It’s pathetic how sedentary I had become. I also don’t like that I’ve gradually been gaining each year. It sneaks up on you just one to two pounds a year but it starts to add up.

    Plus? I am short. You know…10 extra pounds sucks when you are short!

    Baby steps…

    Also? My husband is a fantastic cook so I understand. He’s also trying to slowly, gradually lose weight.

    OK back to sipping water at my desk.

    Thanks for listening to me whine about my silly ole 10 pounds! 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never been the “skinny” girl. As a matter of fact I’m quite the opposite. But I can definitely relate to the age thing. I used to be able to change what I ate a little, cut back on the carbs, and the weight would just start coming off. Now… not so much. I’m 38 and I know it is just going to get harder and harder. I say all the time, “My body just doesn’t work the way it used to.” And it doesn’t. At all. I hate it.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Uncontrollable, Unexplainable Fear =-.

  4. EG says:

    Great post, and great comment Leisa! I’ll have to look up that book.

    107… 6th grade. Never again. I have hmm… a few more than 10 to lose. I lose 0.8 lbs every week. It’s okay, though, it’s the right direction and that’s 40 lbs in a year.

    I thought I was getting more fit because our walks had been easier. Then last night I realized that Hubby has been pushing the double stroller. I pushed it last night – 50 lbs of kid and 40 lbs of stroller. That is a workout!
    .-= EG´s last blog ..Easter Weekend =-.

  5. Balisha says:

    I read this post and then went to the suggested reading about the skirted bikinis…I am laughing so hard. I’m old…I just bought a new suit …two piece…the bottom is like shorts. A Grandma suit…don’t cha know?

  6. amie says:

    I am looking for a two piece with skirt to my knees & biking shorts underneath just in case the thing floats up in water. Also need a top with five way boob harness , so there are no boobs bouncing around or spillage.Ruching too, lots & lots of ruching. It is reported to hide everything. Barring finding such a suit,I am getting really big sunglasses & answering people in German at pool & beach , so they will think they have mistaken me for myself.

  7. Kel says:

    That was absolutely perfectly put! 🙂 I abhor this time of year…something about me sitting on my rear all day under floresant lights that does nothing to boost my color from ‘overly pale’ in anticipation of summer days ahead….this is followed by ‘bathing suit’ season….seriously?? Who invented this calendar of events…a man? 😉
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..Pardon My Dust =-.

  8. Cait says:

    I completely feel your pain! It’s easy for the pounds to sneak on, to buy a slightly bigger size, to think you’ll lose the weight tomorrow. It sounds like you are doing all the right things, though! Good luck!
    .-= Cait´s last blog ..Photo Story Friday =-.

  9. WarsawMommy says:

    As I told you in a previous comment, I have nothing but intense admiration that you’ve even started a fitness routine. I myself (still!) have not. Which is why, of course, you are sweating for both of us and I am taking a double helping of pasta.

    I mean, that was the deal we agreed on, right?? 😉
    .-= WarsawMommy´s last blog ..From The Perspective Of

  10. Mary @ The Writer's Block says:

    Oh, good for you. You inspire me so. 😉

    I, too, have “the pants.” I think they are size 6 Banana Republic capris with a flat front. After Baby #1, I lost 30 lbs. on WW and looked and felt amazing. Then, I had twins. Now, I need to lose at least 40 lbs.

    I love Leisa’s comments on sugar. I know that is true for me. It’s just DOING IT. That’s the hardest part AND the only thing that matters, right?
    .-= Mary @ The Writer’s Block´s last blog ..I Guess I’m On a Break =-.

  11. Shanna says:

    LOL. Great Post! I too am working on losing weight before summer. I was a size 4 last summer. Now i am. well.. double digit pant size. Cannot believe it.
    What winter does to you…. LOL

  12. Carol says:

    Losing weight has been a lifelong daily struggle, and having five babies didn’t help my tummy! Love the post.

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