1. Susan says:

    Ah, yes. The soccer game. This week will be my grand-daughters first game since the one last week was rained out. I never understood all the rules of soccer, but learned a lot by watching the games last year. I’m sort of hoping she wants to try softball someday since I know those rules.

    On the plus side she has a lot of fun. So Grandpa and Grandma show up to cheer her on.
    She did tell me she likes her later games(11:00 am) better since we usually take her out for lunch when the game is over.

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Susan, our first weekend of games got rained out, too. That’s the problem with spring soccer…the rain!

    She had a blast at her first game. It was really cute since so many of them are playing for the first time. She takes it quite seriously after watching her sister play for years. They lost but did great. Big sister Miss C won her game and scored a goal!

  3. Richard Evans says:

    That’s adorable. If there was one thing global warming is good for, it’s how it can keep the day sunny for kids to come out and play. We need more moments like that, what with the growing popularity of Facebook that is slowly turning our society in bunh of people who would’t believe.

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