1. Pippi says:

    Although it is fun for the kids to see snow in the South, it makes for quite a day…trekking in and out of the house. Want to go out, want to come in, want to go out, in, out, in, out…about 50 times. No snow jackets or snow pants, just multiple layers and a fleece and two pairs of pants, three pair of socks and maybe a ziplock baggie taped around their sneakers.
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  2. Jamie says:

    Pippi, I realized yesterday I don’t even OWN a decent pair of boots to wear in snow. My 4-year-old thankfully has snow bibs handed down from her big sister. Big sister just wore jeans…NOT good! And neither one of them has decent snow gloves, just wimpy, yet fashionable, ones. 😉

    It snowed most all last night so I need to take more pics today!!!! Pretty impressive snowfall for Nashville. I remember the last big snow we had was probably in 2003.
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  3. alyssa says:

    It is so amazing how they do not feel cold and can stay out for hours and play. We had some snow today and my daughter wanted to stay outside i was freezing and wanted to go in already!
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  4. Annette W says:

    Oh, your girls have matching coats!

    I love your photography! Beautiful family…and nature…except when said beautiful 4 yo is on a public floor bathroom, huh?

  5. Terri P. says:

    I recall a friend from Texas telling me long ago the story of how they wore baggies on their hands during the rare days it snowed when they were children. They didn’t own gloves! As a life-long resident of cold and snowy Pennsylvania, there are many days I wish I didn’t have to own gloves either! I hope you enjoy the snow as much as you can while it lasts.

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