Gettin’ My Social Media Groove On

I never write about work on my blog but I’m very excited to be coordinating social media efforts for my company. Basically I get to log in to Twitter and Facebook for MY JOB now and promote our company website and conferences. On Monday I was psyched to hang out with some fabulous local bloggers at the Social Fresh Social Media Conference.

Social Fresh Nashville

(From L-R) Me with Genma Holmes, Alli Worthington, Carrie Ferguson Weir, and Jessica Nicole Turner

This was my first social media for business conference and I thought it was fantastic. It made me excited to be part of this new digital business space as an old school mommy blogger and to realize that even major corporations such as Rubbermaid, and Home Depot, and Duke Energy are all learning how to use social media. I could bore you with my stories of sitting in Current Events in Media class in 1991 as a print journalism major and the professor discussing the future of newspapers and how computers would revolutionize the industry but that would make me feel very old.

Where was I?

Social Fresh is the brainchild of Jason Keath and there were several great panels. One of my favorite quotes was from Greg Cangialosi, with Blue Sky Factory:  “2010 is really going to be the year of power and influence on the Web.” I was also pleased to realize that my company, as small as we are,  is ahead of the game for even recognizing the importance of social media in gaining new clients and communicating with existing ones. One of my former co-workers is now with Home Depot and even they have only been really activelly using social media since last year. I also sat in on a very interesting music industry panel (obviously appropriate since I’m in Music City). Love this quote from Ted Wright with Fizz, “This is the year to get creative with social media.” I also enjoyed the panel by Dan Zarrella with Hubspot (his book, The Social Media Marketing Book, is on my must read list.)

I could share even more from my notes but the bottom line is that social media is the influence channel for business and it’s here to stay.

Social Fresh is heading to Tampa in February. If you are in marketing or PR or are a community manager or social media/new media professional I highly recommend it! And do I need to even point out the obvious – Florida in winter? That’s a bonus.

p.s. I actually do have notes from the sessions that I’d be happy to share with you if you’re interested. Just e-mail me or leave a comment here!


  1. EG says:

    An “interactive agency” (a new made-up term which I interpret as meaning a technological ad agency) in our area did a workshop on social media a couple of months ago – it was pretty exciting!

  2. Mary @ The Writer's Block says:

    **Nerd alert!**

    I would actually LOVE to read your notes. 😉 I enjoyed your tweets that day. And I’m terribly jealous that you got to go.

    I love social media when I don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Did they talk about that? That feeling that you are riding the wave rather than getting knocked over by it?

    And, oh my gosh, when I think back to my broadcast journalism courses in the early 90s (using Windows and trying desperately to manage the location of that little cursor in WordPerfect), I feel ancient.
    .-= Mary @ The Writer’s Block´s last blog ..What Kind of Week Did I Have? =-.

  3. Blonde Mom says:


    I would have been all over that!

    Mary: will definitely send you my notes. I think the version I want is on my work PC but I’ll check.

    One of the speakers did talk about time management and being a “voracious deleter” of e-mails. In fact, she said she had a series on her blog about time management. I’ll look for it!

    Yes I am a proud social media nerd! (woot!) 😉

    Oh and Social Fresh is having a conference on a cruise ship later this year…how awesome is THAT.

  4. Jamie says:

    Lindsay I would love to go on the cruise, but I know my company won’t be able to foot the bill for that. Oh well! 😉
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Gettin

  5. Greg' says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! I am glad the quote resonated with you 🙂 I do feel very strongly about the way purchasing decisions and influence will be driven by our “networks.” This is the year of trust and influence in the social web!

    Thanks again, and hope to see you again at another Social Fresh or related event!


    Greg Cangialosi
    Blue Sky Factory

  6. Oh, The Joys says:

    Maybe we can connect by phone this week or next… my company is courting me to do this for them. It would be a crazy mashup of my career and hobby… some parts of it make me super excited, some worried. Would love to pick your brain.


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