A Very Thankful Heart


Happy Thanksgiving!

Raise your hand if you’re not going shopping Friday (although, God help me, I may brave the fray early at big box toy store R Us to get a certain coveted Dora talking backpack for Miss A’s Christmas….the things we do for our kids.) I prefer to do my shopping from the comfort of my laptop, thank you very much.


  1. EG says:

    That’s a GREAT picture! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I will be going out Friday because Once Upon a Child (used kids’ stuff) is having buy $20 of gift cards, get $10 free. I will definitely use those!

    Otherwise, though, I’ll just wait it out until Cyber Monday.

  2. amie palenchar says:

    I second that motion, I will be in my pjs shopping online not inline 🙂 Love the pic- your girls are just TOO cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Amy says:

    The girls look just adorable in that pic! I’m not going tomorrow. I went yesterday and got quite a bit started! I haven’t done that in years!!

  4. Jamie says:

    Thanks ya’ll on the photo…when I took it I thought, “THIS is a great one!”

    I thought about using it for our Christmas card but there’s the whole pumpkin thing…maybe I could slap a Santa hat on it? 😉

  5. Mississauga Real Estate says:

    Adorable photo! I agree with you. There’s nothing more intimidating than trying to shop during a holiday. I’ve found that even most /Sundays/ the malls are busier than Saturdays. My own parents seek the internet for all of their Christmas shopping needs.

  6. amie palenchar says:

    Maybe u could photoshop the pumpkin white so it looks like a snowball for Christmas card? Personally I think u should use it anyway bc it is really good !

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