Bowling, The Bachelor, And The Boss

I have no idea what to write about today so this will be a random sort of post…hang on!  I’m doing a lot of social media type work for my company so it’s been admittedly tough for me to not get a bit burned out.  (See also Twitter steals all my material.)

We went on a lovely road trip this weekend to Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky for a surprise 40th birthday celebration for one of my college friends (of the sisterhood of the traveling gold panties fame). I have beautiful pictures to share and stories to tell later this week but for now a soccer season update…IT IS OVER. We’ll gear back up in March and we’re finally signing up poor Miss A for soccer. Miss C started playing soccer the fall she turned 4 but Miss A quite honestly hasn’t shown much interest in soccer.

Miss C is now obsessed with cheerleading and has been chanting cheers over and over for days upon days so it’s looking like next fall we’ll also try pee wee football cheerleading. She actually told me, “Mommy their costumes? ARE AMAZING!” Oh dear Lord…let the squeeing begin.

The hubby and I are going to see Bruce Springsteen in concert tonight. I can’t wait! My bachelor big brother is babysitting the girls and so far I’ve just put the kibosh on whiskey, cigars, and watching A Clockwork Orange or The Shining. Pretty much anything else is suitable. I believe they’re going to a sports bar for dinner.

Miss C’s end of season soccer team party was last night and I decided that the bowling alley slash game room is just prep for junior gamblers. One day your kid is feeding dollar bills into a change machine so they can win a plush Pokemon toy and the next day they’re spending their retirement fund at the slot machines in Tunica.

All the kids at last night’s team party were obsessed with trading in their game tickets for plastic dracula teeth. There’s nothing worse for an OCD germ freak like me (lately…thank you H1N1) then watching your 4-year-old take her green fangs out repeatedly at a bowling alley and placing them on random surfaces. Good times with germs!

Also? I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week.

So what have you been up to? Any end of season sports team memories to share? Any tips on how Miss A’s green plastic fangs can mysteriously disappear?




  1. Steph. says:

    My kids got 4, count ’em FOUR, sets of those drac fangs at halloween along with a lot of other cluttery Halloween junk. I separated it out from the candy and put it in its own bag. Magically, one day, the bag just jumped into my trash can and we’re so busy they didn’t notice at all. Kind of like the daisy-made cupcakes that were 5 days old in containers on my counter. Throw away while they’re at school and say a little prayer that they don’t notice they are gone! HA!
    .-= Steph.´s last blog ..The big fat buck? It stops here. =-.

  2. jessica says:

    My kid has those same “teeth” in white and green and red. Get rid of my daughter’s and I promise to take those from your kid and bury them in my yard

  3. Flossip says:

    I have been running home after taking the kids to school… a LOT of things have been disappearing during that hour. A pair of pink fangs JUST LIKE THOSE bit the dust yesterday.
    .-= Flossip´s last blog ..Joe

  4. EG says:


    My mom is a huge Bruce fan, and I’ve been with her to see him twice. The second time was for “The Rising” tour which was fantastic. And my HS car was named Clarence, for Clarence Clemons.
    .-= EG´s last blog ..A Smorgasboard =-.

  5. Amy says:

    Evan got a pink pair of those teeth and they were passing them back and forth between him & Cam. If I can find them, I’ll toss them. Tell her Jack got them!

  6. Jamie says:

    We had a blast…definitely one of the top 3 concerts I’ve been to in my life!

    I’m definitely a fan of the myseriously disappearing crap from the girls’ rooms. Miss A especially is a pack rat. The other day she refused to throw away a chicken nugget carton.

    Great… 😉
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Bowling, The Bachelor, And The Boss =-.

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