The Emergence Of The ‘Tude

I may or may not have played “The lady in the bank CAN HEAR YOU GIRLS being sassy so PLEASE be quiet” card yesterday.

And Miss C may or may not have had a discussion with Miss A about the meaning of sassy and at one point said:

I’m not sassy, I’m GLAM.


We then headed to the post office and I had a brief discussion with Miss A about it being an inherently good thing to be called “cute…”

And then Miss C chimed in again:

I don’t really like to be called cute. I like to be called cool. And people call me that all the time, I don’t know why!


By then the attitude was about to push me out of my car and into the street.

I am so looking forward to the teen years!



  1. Kaye says:

    Oh, I remember those days. Thinking I would go insane before they ended. The good news is ….. they did end. My wonderful daughter told me this morning we needed some mother/daughter time since I had been out of town this week. She treated us to manicures – all I had to do was buy lunch!
    .-= Kaye´s last blog ..Proud Mama =-.

  2. Baby Changing Bags says:

    OH Boy! – That does sound interesting 😉 Still, I guess you can’t go wrong with a little extra self confidence- it’s better than her being down on herself isn’t it! .. Now she just needs a little tempered approach maybe to ballance things out?
    All the best 🙂

  3. Bobby says:

    Hold on to your hat. It gets worse. It is their way of expressing their own personalities and establishing themselves as individuals. Just wait unitl the hormones start flying. There is no right answer on how to handle this. Just know that everyone goes through it. It is completely natural. It will drive you crazy and there is much,much more to come!

  4. Carennedy says:

    Just wait…. My 10 year old is full of attitude and I know more than you ‘mom’ – I even get the whole ‘what are you stupid mom’ attitude…. that ends in tears for him! I think its school more than TV because we don’t have cable, satellite or anything and its getting worse.

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