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I’ve got a new post at Deep South Moms this week about me summoning my inner glue gun goddess. It nearly killed me, but I survived. A word to the wise for all you slacker moms out there. Avoid stepping foot into your child’s school the weeks leading up to the mega school blow out fundraiser! You WILL be summoned to do something and it will most likely be outside your comfort zone. Either that or go ahead and volunteer early on for something easy or you might find yourself baking six batches of cookies and shoving them begrudgingly into ziploc bags while you swear to reward yourself with a huge glass of wine or three for being mom of the year and wondering if it wouldn’t all be easier if you could just write a check. Ooops I didn’t just say that.

I’d love your thoughts on school mom craftiness. Does it come easy for you or do you break out in a sweat when you walk into Michaels or Hobby Lobby? Does the term hodge podge leave you dazed and confused?

It turns out I’m not as lame as I thought, but I’m no Martha Stewart. Then again Martha has a huge staff at her beck and call.

All kidding aside about school fundraisers, from the looks of the throngs of parents and grandparents who showed up at ours I’m thinking it was a grand success.

As far as my girls…well, if you offer face painting and those heart attack inducing inflatable bouncy things then you’ve planned a rock star evening.

Face Paint


  1. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Love it! Personally, I flip the virtual bird to crafty pressure. I gave myself permission to recognize that I am creative years ago and I don’t have to measure it by any boxed kits or outside pressure. Since then I find I just enjoy doing what I do when I want, as I can and totally my own way. 😀

    .-= Holly Schwendiman´s last blog ..Good to Review =-.

  2. Steph. says:

    I’m kinda crafty. My mom is supremely crafty, so I used to say that I was not. But, I have a glue gun, am a scrapbooker (when I find the time) and love those school kind of projects. Still, the advice about avoiding the schools…that’s good advice!

    Love your girls face paint. Too cute!
    .-= Steph.´s last blog ..This is NOT a little story about a man named Jed

  3. amie says:

    I am so sadly lacking the crafty gene! I do get shanghaied into lots of school fundraisers- ours being a poor Catholic school- we have tons! I can bake a mean Texas sheet cake for bake sales thanks to Milkbreath & Margaritas but the glue gun, paint, decoupage, hodgepodge zone is a dangerous one to put me in. When I was a teacher I was known for accdidentally laminating my id badge on more than one occasion 🙁

  4. Mary says:

    I am the genius who volunteered to be a kindergarten room mother. We have to make a scrapbook for EVERY child in the class. That’s 25. My kids don’t even have baby books. This should be interesting…

  5. Marie says:

    I’m the mom guilty of writing lots of checks. When it is time to sell things, I buy enough stuff so my kid gets whatever prize he could get if we would go door to door. Hats off to you!
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Potty Training =-.

  6. Greenhouse Supplier says:

    While I have yet to experience any of this kind of “fun” for myself, I can remember my mom doing all sorts of crafty things for not only my school, but for the programs I was in outside of school. She often looked to shows like Art Attack, Stuff, and other kid-craft-shows or websites (as few as there were back then)… but there was a lot of huffing and puffing about the forced commitment, and after having 2 other kids, I can see her reasoning behind it.

  7. Mary@The Writer's Block says:

    You are so funny!

    OK–I really am a crafty gal and love scrapbooking and stamping. HOWEVER, I havne’t worked on my scrapbooks in over two years. I never have time to do ANYTHING and my craft projects automatically fall to the bottom of the list. Therefore, I would be so resentful to be drafted to do some crazy, huge craft project.

    @Mary: you poor thing! a scrapbook for every kid? that seems a little excessive to me and I really enjoy scrapbooking.

    And you know I’m happy to write the check when necessary!
    .-= Mary@The Writer’s Block´s last blog ..Sensory Overload =-.

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