If You Give A Mom A Sedan With A Sunroof and Leather Interior, She Won’t Speed, Nope, NO Speeding

Nissan Sedan Media Day 2010

I don’t go to many corporate-sponsored events for bloggers (the only two I’ve ever attended were Johnson & Johnson’s Camp Baby last spring and a trip to FedEx in May), but I was invited recently to Nissan 2010 Sedan Media Preview here in Nashville and was, frankly, pretty pumped. See also stay in nice hotel room ALL BY MYSELF and fight over the bathroom in the morning WITH NO ONE and snap pics of my bathroom and the hotel bed with my iPhone and send them to my husband…neener neener. I may or may not have also snapped and e-mailed a picture of the dinner menu. OK so I don’t get out much.

This was a media preview of Nissan’s sedan line for 2010: the Maxima, Altima, Sentra, and Versa. We spent the morning in a business update session and then had the opportunity to test drive several cars in the lineup. I currently chauffeur the girls and all their crap around town in a Ford Explorer, but my last vehicle was a Nissan Pathfinder and I loved it, but it started having problems after about 100,000 miles and the price was right on the Explorer whe we found it last year.

Now I am not a sedan mama. I am definitely an SUV mama. Say what you will about gas guzzlers, but with two kids and two dogs and soccer equipment, and book bags, and my work bag, and all the various and sundry items a mama lugs around, an SUV is awesome. I rarely drive on the interstate and I’m lucky in that I only have a 9-mile commute to work four days a week, so I might be more concerned about gas mileage if I had a considerable daily commute. There is definitely a market for sedans, though, and this was my first experience with driving sedans from Nissan.

Here are some things I learned at Nissan’s 2010 Sedan Media Preview:

  • Most of the prices have not gone up for 2010 and the base price on the Sentra 2.0 SL has actually gone down about $1,000
  • The Maxima features standard Bluetooth and USB/iPod connectivity (sweet!)
  • The Altima features a next-generation navigation system with a 6 1/2 inch monitor, Zagat, XM NavWeather, and Blueooth Streaming Audio
  • The Altima has a Hybrid model
  • The Versa has the most horsepower and torque and the most rear legroom in its class, plus great fuel economy 28/35 mpg in the Hatchback 1.8 SL CVT model
  • The Sentra, Altima Sedan and Hybrid, and the Maxima all have NHTSA 5-star ratings for front and side impact, while the Altima Coupe has an NHTSA 5-star rating for side impact
  • I test drove all four cars and I really loved the Maxima and Altima. The new crimson black exterior color and the leather interior in the Altima totally wooed me. The Versa was a fun little car to drive, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with more than one child, just because of its compact size.
  • The Nissan Headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, in the Cool Springs area is a beautiful work environment. We went on a tour of the building and all the materials selected in house were chosen with being eco-friendly and green in mind.

Am I totally won over by sedans? Probably not for my daily driving, but I wouldn’t turn down the chance to drive a Maxima or Altima on a daily basis. They’re beautiful cars and I was impressed with the value, the roominess, and the safety.

Thanks to the wonderfully professional team at Nissan for inviting this mommy blogger to a car industry event. I also enjoyed talking with a couple of the marketing reps about how Nissan is delving into using social media and was pleased to learn that they invited parenting bloggers to their other sedan media preview event in San Diego.

And thanks to the cop who didn’t pull me over when I got a little crazy behind the wheel of the Altima with the sunroof open. What can I say? The smell of leather interior and the wind whipping through my hair makes me a little Thelma and Louise.

Disclosure: Nissan did not ask me to write a blog post in any of the event correspondence…I just wanted to share what I learned with ya’ll. They did put me up at the Hutton Hotel downtown along with the other auto industry journalists and provide us with a couple of meals. They did not let me keep a car, though. Sigh.

Sondra at Happy Healthy Hip Parenting in San Diego wrote about the Nissan Sedan Media Preview event in her area.


  1. Jennifer says:

    My very first new car was an Altima. I LOVED it and drove up to 150K miles, when I finally had to let it go. I would love to have another Nissan. I saw the new model the other day and fell in love. But alas, I’m like you with the two kids and all the stuff I have to schlep around so an SUV it has to be.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..You are never going to believe this…. =-.

  2. Steph. says:

    I love, love, love Nissans. My Maxima was my favorite car and I love the Altimas too. I would have been ALL over this. In fact, I wonder if they’re coming to Texas? Nissan, if you’re listening, this Mommy Blogger wants in on THAT action! HA!
    .-= Steph.´s last blog ..I don

  3. Jamie says:

    Jennifer, I just can’t do a minivan, although my SIL drives a Nissan Quest and loves it.

    Kaye, don’t tell your husband about this post, though, when you tell him you won’t to go car shopping!!! LOL 😉

    Steph, I am not sure where else they’re having these events…I love that they are starting to invite bloggers, though, especially mommy bloggers. Hey most of us do the car pool thing, ya know?

  4. Katie says:

    Oh wow, that sounds like such a fun getaway! And I bet it was awesome to have the bathroom all to yourself! hee hee

    We actually looked at Nissans when we bought our car, but ended up with a Camry instead. However, I sooo wish we bought an SUV as I didn’t realize just how much space a little person takes up once you factor in all their junk! LOL

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 🙂
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Kidorable Contest Winner =-.

  5. hipm0m77 says:

    Thanks so much for linking back to my post. It’s great to read about your experience! The sunroof was definitely a perk for that afternoon ride!
    .-= hipm0m77´s last blog ..Today

  6. Michelle Smiles says:

    I was strictly a Honda girl for many many years. Everyone in my family drove Hondas. But after having to give up my pretty red honda 2 seater convertible (darn car seats), I found that their prices were CRAZY. So I went shopping. I ended up with an Altima and loved it. After my Altima, we needed a car to handle 2 car seats but I didn’t want a full blown SUV – the Nissan Rogue is my current car and I love it. My husband drives an XTerra which he loves (I used to love it but have you ever seen what a man’s car looks like and smells like after being his alone for a year? Blech). We are converts…the quality is as good as Honda but the prices are much more wallet friendly.
    .-= Michelle Smiles´s last blog ..Can

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