I Like To Think Of Them As Extinct

Miss A is quite the songwriter. She was singing her heart out this afternoon as we were leaving Publix and heading to my car. Apparently all the food samples inspire her.

Mommy, that is my boyfriend song.

That’s a very nice song. I like it.

Mommy, do you know all your boyfriend songs?

Well, mommy doesn’t really have boyfriends. Daddy is my boyfriend!

What about when you were a teenager at the beach? Did you have boyfriends? (She and Miss C are both fascinated with a picture from a college spring break trip to Daytona where I’m being held up in the air by a couple of guys.)

Yes, I did, but that was a long time ago.

Are they dead now?


  1. WorkingMom says:

    Sounds like my kids, who often start the phrase off with, “Mom, when you were our age, you know, all those years ago…”, and ask questions like: “Did they have TV when you were a kid?”. For the record, I’m only 42!

    You’re braver than I am – my Spring Break pictures were recently tossed during a decluttering spree. Didn’t want them falling into the wrong hands!
    .-= WorkingMom´s last blog ..Speech Delayed =-.

  2. Jamie says:

    I probably should shred the spring break pics…thankfully nothing too horrific there. Plus I have to laugh at my big hair and my skinny-ness (or mourn it actually). But uh hello college friends on Facebook who have been scanning pictures like crazy lately? Shudder.

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